Phoenix Symphony Hall

The summer heat in Phoenix is legendary.  Everyone is aware that it is a dry heat, not many realize that we also suffer a cultural drought all summer.  As it cools off, everything starts to bloom.  Symphony season is here to quench our thirst!

Symphony Hall Balcony seating
Symphony Hall Balcony seating

The 2014-2015 Symphony season is going strong at the Phoenix Symphony Hall.  The remodel in 2005 brought us excellent acoustics, upgraded lighting, and extra leg-room seating.  There really are no bad seats.  The first performance that I attended after the remodel, my seats were lower level third row from the back and still sounded amazing.  Previous seasons, I have sat in the balcony for a few shows.  The last couple years, we are now season ticket holders with premium lower level seats.  Every year as a season ticket holder leads to better seats.  Last week we even traded our Saturday night tickets for the same performance on Friday night, and managed to get tickets very close to our usual season ticket seating!

Symphony with soloist and choir
Symphony with soloist and choir

The Phoenix Symphony has a wide range of performances with special guest conductors, featured musicians, and something for every taste.  Some performances feature a full choir, a solo singer, and even “theme” events.

The seats offer great leg room and are extra wide.  However, there is a coat check for large or bulky coats, for the few weeks it is actually “chilly” in Phoenix.


Drinks are allowed in the Symphony Hall, so no need to rush to finish or go thirsty during a performance.  Intermission drinks can be pre-paid before the show to avoid a long line at “half-time”.  The drinks are prepared and placed on a table near the bar ordered with your name on it.  Hot and cold drinks are available, which is also nice for those chilly evenings or warm nights respectively.

There are many great restaurants downtown for dinner before the show, or drinks after.  Pedicabs (bicycle powered carts) are easily found downtown and cover a good distance to quickly take you to the show, dinner, or back to your car.  Drivers work off of tips, so bring cash.  We usually park near Symphony Hall and walk or take a pedicab to a nearby restaurant, then get another ride back to the show.

Phoenix Symphony has tickets available for a wide range of budgets of preferences.  Find a show, get your tickets, and have an enjoyable evening out supporting the arts!



Canyon Ranch Spa Las Vegas | Venetian Spa Review and Amenities Guide

Canyon Ranch Spa in the Venetian Resort of Las Vegas is a little slice of heaven. Full review of my experience and the incredible amenities in the spa.

Hidden between casinos and pools in the Venetian resort in Las Vegas, there is a magical place of beauty called the Canyon Ranch Spa.  This little slice of heaven is world famous, but it was my first visit.  On a recent girls trip, we scored spa credit as part of the reservation package.  Any service was going to be a bit pricey, but the spa credit was a fantastic deal!  Massages were booked for the group, and a full day pass to the spa was included for the day of service.  Without a paid service, it is a $25 per day for hotel guests, and $40 for non-guests, to use the spa amenities (totally worth it, and here’s why).

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Last week of Cork

Cork_EasterBrunchCork restaurant in Chandler is one of my favorites!

I have attended many wine dinners, special Brunches, New Year’s Eve dinners, and as many new season menus as possible.  When my friends and I have reason to celebrate, we go to Cork.

Cork_Feb14This week my beloved Cork is closing for good.  The final meals will be served Tuesday, June 24 through Saturday, June 28.

They have announced a new name, new decor, and new dining concept.

I am going to savor my last meal at Cork this week, and when it is reborn as Earnest I plan to give it try.


Wild Horse Showroom

I have a new favorite Casino showroom at Wild Horse Pass! This intimate little showroom is perfect for comedy shows and small crowd concerts.

Showroom Stage
Showroom Stage

The showroom is intimate and every seat has a fantastic view, similar to Celebrity theatre, but attached to a casino!  The theatre is split between 2 tiers.  The lower level starts stage side and radiates out for up close view of the performers.  The top tier is angled so that every seat has a perfect view of the stage.  Even the last row in the far corner has a perfect line of sight view of the stage.  It is far superior to other local casino venues.

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Park Hyatt Aviara Resort Carlsbad | Tranquil Spa Retreat in California

A welcome retreat this year (and any year, really) for me is the Park Hyatt Aviara Resort in Carlsbad, California.  Right on the edge of the drive versus fly decision from Phoenix, San Diego, California is a quick trip.  When it is just too darn hot, California is close by.  The November trip is our third visit to Carlsbad this year, each was a long-weekend out of town.

Aviara Family pool
Aviara Family pool

The Park Hyatt Aviara is a luxury resort with an amazing spa, great restaurants, good family pool, and a 21 and over adult tranquility pool where we spend most of our time.

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