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An Exquisite Evening at El San Juan Hotel

I recently enjoyed an exquisite evening of dinner, dancing, and (a few) drinks at the newly remodeled and quite fabulous El San Juan hotel located in Isla Verde area of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Reopened as part of the Hilton Curio collection, this luxury property oozes vintage Caribbean opulence and splendor.

An Exquisite Evening at El San JuanEl San Juan hotel offers cozy spots for a romantic evening, and a healthy nightlife for an exciting night out.  Saturday night may be filled with fashionable activities like formal school dances (Prom), wedding receptions, or other celebrations.  Or check for out some of the upcoming events at the Cabaret lounge.

Cana outside lounge El San Juan HotelIntricate details are found on every inch of the remodeled luxury hotel.

El San Juan Mahogany carved Lobby
El San Juan Mahogany carved Lobby

The newly remodeled lobby and entrance are stunning with the dark wood panels.  The carved mahogany is one of the original features, hand carved in 1964, covering the lobby ceilings, columns, and vaulted arch over registration area.

Grand entrance at the El San Juan
Grand entrance at the El San Juan

El San Juan resort Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico is perfect for an extraordinary evening out in San Juan.  Enjoy a pre-dinner drink near the pool or in the cabaret club lounge.  There are multiple restaurant options including the recently opened Cana.  And no evening would be complete without bottle service and dancing at Brava nightclub.

My favorite decoration is the $2.7 million Czech crystal chandelier that dominates the main bar.  This is the perfect spot to enjoy a sparkling drink to match the atmosphere.  Or stroll over to one of the other bars, including cabaret lounge, or a private salon area for billiards.

El San Juan billiard salon
El San Juan billiard salon

El  San Juan’s signature restaurant is Cana.  Featuring locally sourced meat and produce, and a surprising wide variety of vegetarian options.  Our party of 10 foodies included two vegetarians and one peanut allergy, which Cana was well equipped to accommodate.  Traditional Puerto Rican cuisine prepared with international flair for a healthy and delicious meal.  I was too busy eating and savoring each bite to get a complete description of every dish.  I suppose I will have to go back and take better notes over dinner.

Cana Dinner El San Juan hotel
My dinner at Cana restaurant. I shared (some).

The hotel was originally housing for Pan Am airline employees in the 1950’s.  The location was specifically selected for fabulous beaches and close proximity to the airport.

Local residents can enjoy a luxurious evening out on the town, and visitors can enjoy the glamorous setting for a long weekend in San Juan or stopovers between islands.

There is poolside Sunday brunch and the spa is undergoing a major remodel and scheduled to open Summer of 2017.  I see a Sunday brunch followed by Spa services in my future.  Adding those to my already long list of great reasons to visit El San Juan again, soon.

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Visit London’s Borough Market

The Borough Market in London is a foodie lover’s dream come true.  With fresh fruit and produce stalls, meals to go available in every type of cuisine that you can imagine, nibbles galore, and refreshing beverages of all kinds there is still more to explore.Visit London's Borough Market

Located a few feet from London Bridge tube station for easy access and nestled against the spectacular Southwark Cathedral, the Borough Market is one of the oldest markets dating around 1,000 years in some form, and certainly a permanent fixture in London. The market is a mix of mobile kiosks, tents, and built in structures. Continue reading Visit London’s Borough Market

Exploring the Champagne Region of France

Champagne is my go-to beverage for celebrations, Sunday brunch, a quiet night in, and every other occasion that I can think of. 

In February 2002 I spent a week in Reims, France to explore part of the Champagne region.  The main purpose of my visit was to enjoy as many varies of Champagne as I could!  I called to reserve my cellar tours (before online reservations), booked my hotel (through a travel agent), and rode the TGV train from Paris Gare de l’East to Reims.  My hotel was a short walk from the train station, and I stopped at a local café for dinner and pastry.

Between Champagne tastings and cellar tours, I managed to visit the Palais du Tau and nearby cathedral of Notre-Dame de Reims.  I walked to most places with the occasional taxi ride.  Exploring the city as a solo female traveler was easy and safe.

The down side of travelling solo all those years ago (before smart phone with built in cameras) is that I have a fuzzy memory and very few, poor quality photos.  Admittedly, the photos were made even worse by the massive amounts of Champagne consumed during operation.

My friend Lisa recently went to the Champagne region, and was kind enough to share her experience and photos. 

During a recent trip to Europe to visit family, my husband and I snuck away to France for just a couple of days.  We thought about visiting Paris, but then I ruled against it… I wanted to go to the Champagne region instead.

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VIVO Beach Club, Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico

Newly opened in April 2016, VIVO Beach Club is a beach front property in area of Isla Verde, Carolina, Puerto Rico.  This beach club is just getting started, with plans to open a brewery, fitness classes offered on the beach, concerts, parties, and more events and activities planned for the upcoming year.  Located mere minutes from the San Juan airport in Isla Verde, guests can enjoy perfect Caribbean water immediately upon arrival to the island.  VIVO Is fast becoming a popular destination for locals and visitors.

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Sail Away to Cayo Icacos, Puerto Rico

Cayo Icacos is a small, uninhabited island approximately 1 mile wide and over 1 mile long located 3 miles off the northeast coast of Puerto Rico. There are no restaurants, no shopping centers or vendors, no electricity, and no facilities of any kind.  The little island is just lush green foliage and perfect white sand beaches.

The best option to visit this tropical paradise is by boat.  There is a water taxi service that departs just north of the El Conquistador resort in Las Croabas neighborhood of Fajardo, providing drop off and pick up service to Icacos as the least expensive option.  A slightly more expensive option is the powered Catamaran sailboats that provide transportation, snorkel gear, shade, food & drinks, and (darn important) onboard bathrooms.

For us, the decision was easy – comfort and leisure on a Catamaran!

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