Visit London’s Borough Market | Best Food Market in London

The Borough Market in London is a foodie lover’s dream come true.  With fresh fruit and produce stalls, meals to go available in every type of cuisine that you can imagine, nibbles galore, and refreshing beverages of all kinds there is still more to explore.Visit London's Borough Market

Located a few feet from London Bridge tube station for easy access and nestled against the spectacular Southwark Cathedral, the Borough Market is one of the oldest markets dating around 1,000 years in some form, and certainly a permanent fixture in London. The market is a mix of mobile kiosks, tents, and built in structures.

European markets are on a whole new level of food commerce options compared to their tame American Farmer’s Markets counterparts.  Borough Market is a shining example of a Market done right!  With a festival-like atmosphere, these markets are bustling all day, rain or shine.  The options are staggering.  Mediocre food is not an option.  In addition to traditional British meals, the market features fresh caught fish and oysters, flowers, cheeses, chocolates, coffee, desserts, vegetarian/vegan options, and a variety of made fresh food that will leave you staggering from eating way too much.

This British treasure is open 6 days a week (Closed on Sundays) with over 100 vendors.  The community of chefs and artisans delight visitors from all of the world.  There is no admission fee to the market, but be prepared to find three dozen items that you never knew you needed.

On June 5, 2017, Borough Market was the target of Terrorist attacks and is back open for business 11 days later, proving that this market is stronger than fear.  Be sure to check out the market for news worthy cuisine and delicious events.Visit Borough Market

Be sure to add this culinary wonderland to any London visit.  And come hungry!

23 thoughts on “Visit London’s Borough Market | Best Food Market in London”

  1. Is my first comment here and just want to say thank you very much for such great content ! I found your blog not so long ago and became a fan immediately! Greetings from Montreal 🙂

  2. I love visiting markets when I come to a new city. They tell so much about the people, culture and traditions. I will definitely visit Borough market when I come to London.

  3. I never got a chance to visit Borough market while in London last spring. It seems like quite the extensive market with even vegan options! I could stay all day in these types of markets. It’s such a shame about the terrorist attack on June 5th. Glad they are back open in full spirits.

  4. I love visiting markets especially local ones, and make sure to visit them during my travels. Borough Market looks very beautiful! I love history too and a 1000 years of history looks too interesting!

  5. I enjoyed watching the video. You showed a variety of food selections which look delicious and freshly cooked. The store owners look friendly and happy. They make the Borough market more appealing. I would love to visit this market someday.

  6. I love visiting markets in different countries. You can really experience the culture in these markets and it’s also a huge plus for foodies. I didn’t know the long history of the Borough Market until now 🙂

  7. Love Borough Market; it’s on my old high street! It’s a great place to stop after walking down the South Bank to build up an appetite. And the options are staggering!

  8. I’ve heard so much about the Borough Market and I’m excited to go for the first time when I visit London next year. I’m so glad it has reopened. I love markets that are full of history!

  9. I have never visited Borough Market in London so it’s useful to know what it’s all about and that it’s a market done right. I could imagine going in just for a wander and walking out with a dozen things I never planned on buying. The fact that it dates back 1000 years in some form or other is incredible.

  10. I LOVE borough market! I’t my fav place to go for food on a Saturday afternoon. I like to take a walk down the river after to walk off the food!

  11. This is my idea of a fun day. I love checking out fresh veggies and fruit and new foods while at markets. I am so glad this market has continued on even after the terrorist attack.

  12. I have read about the Borough Market earlier too and am really fascinated by the place, It is such a hive of activity and so representative of London. I am sure a trip to London would not be complete without visiting the Borough market.

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Borough Market! It’s the first food market I encountered when I went to London almost ten years ago so it has a special place in my heart. I bet it has evolved so much over the years too! Ah the nostalgia.

  14. So glad to hear that it’s opened up again and back in business after last month’s attack – really is such a cultural icon and a big part of London’s food scene!

  15. I LOVE exploring local markets when we visit new places! We actually just visited one this week while in Seattle. This looks right up our alley, we would totally check out the Borough Market. I love the whole look of the place as well. Great video!

  16. I make a point of going to a train station, a cemetery, and a market in every city I visit. This historic Borough Market would surely make the cut. You got me at “foodie lover’s dream come true.”

    1. Great ideas to add to every trip. Obviously, I love a good market, and I will visit a train station (if they have one), but I rarely visit a cemetery, must add that soon.

  17. What a beautiful place to walk around and explore. I love markets but I have not visited any in London yet so this will be first on my list to try. It reminds me of a farmers market I went to in Barcelona recently

    1. European markets are such a wonderful experience! Borough market is definitely a must visit for London.

  18. Have heard a lot about the The Borough Market in London before but never read a blog post about it until yours. I love markets overall. And this one seems fabulous with a history expanding over 1000 years. And yay to all the food: fresh fish, oysters, cheeeeseeee and chocolate ♥

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