Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic | Travel Guide

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic is my top pick for an inexpensive hidden hideaway in the Caribbean.

Beach Hopping and Travel Guide for Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Are you looking for a tropical island beach town with small town charm and international flair?

Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic is my top pick for an inexpensive hidden hideaway in the Caribbean.

Playa Bonita Las Terrenas Dominican Republic
Playa Bonita Las Terrenas Dominican Republic


Located on the north coast, Las Terrenas is a quiet beach town along the Samana Peninsula of Dominican Republic. Surrounded by water on three sides definitely gives this area a distinct small island feel, secluded from the rest of the country. Not only is there an abundance of waterfront property, the calm, clear waters off the white sand beaches are the main attraction on the peninsula.

Popular with boaters and beach fanatics like me, this is not-so-hidden treasure of the Caribbean!

International Flair

While maintaining the strong local culture, Las Terrenas has a subtle blend of European influences. The primary language is Spanish, and it is quite common to hear French, Italian, and English being spoken throughout town. Many people are bilingual or fluent in multiple languages.

An absolute cosmopolitan delight is to start the day ordering coffee in Italian, breakfast pastries in French, and arranging transportation for a nearby excursion in Spanish. Las Terrenas is the perfect town to practice your foreign language skills without judgement. Even more diverse is the various cuisines and dining experiences throughout town. Every turn there is a melting pot of cultural influences while still maintaining the strong local island culture. 

Worlds Apart

While there are many similarities to my beloved Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic has some distinct differences for a truly unique and wonderful experiences.

While many cultures are represented in Las Terranes, there is little to no trace of American influence. There are no American fast food restaurants or chain retail shops. The English spoken around town is likely to be the Queens English or spoken with a French accent. Despite the sheer size of Dominican Republic, the area of Las Terrenas maintains a small, tropical island feel.

It is worth remembering that Dominican Republic is a huge island, over five times the size of Puerto Rico! Las Terrenas is a completely different experience than the more popular Punta Cana beach resort town located 178 miles (286 km) to the Southeast.


The entire north coast of Las Terrenas is lined with picture perfect white sand beaches. The three main beach areas are distinctly unique while sharing the same pristine white sand beaches and Caribbean beauty.

  • Playa Bonita
  • Playa Las Ballenas
  • Playa Popy

On the far west side of Las Terrenas, Luxury is found at every section of Playa Bonita.  Playa Bonita is the more upscale beach lined with boutique hotels, grand private residences, surf school, and beachfront dining. The neighborhood has a distinct lifestyle of the rich and famous vibe.

Right in the middle of town, Playa Las Ballenas is surrounded by the local fish market and a variety of international cuisine beach front restaurants. The water is clear and calm with plenty of palm trees for shade. During our visit, there were several sailboats anchored just off the shore.

Playa Popy is the most popular local beach and can get crowded on the weekends.  This sleepy little fishing area explodes with locals and visiting beach goers during holidays.

Poppy can get a bit breezy, enough to attract kite surfers on high wind days. The food and drinks tend to be less expensive on this eastern beach zone.

Many beachside restaurants offer complimentary beach seating and cabanas for customers at any of the local beaches. It is easy to spend an entire afternoon enjoying the hospitality in these resort quality spots.

Beyond the beach, there are other water sports such as nearby scuba diving and the popular El Limon waterfall.


The year-round perfect tropical weather enables many open-air seating and beach-side dining options.

Ocean front fine dining

Just about every international cuisine you can think of is available somewhere in town. Over the course of a few days we enjoyed Mexican, Italian, French, NY style pizza, and of course, local Dominican food. Fresh caught fish can be purchased beach side at the local fish market, or ready made meals can also be purchased.

Pueblo de los Pescadores is a long strip of bars and restaurants under a single roof along the beach front. At night these kiosk style spots are perfect for bar hopping and fun!

With the popularity of condos and private residences, the local grocery stores are well stocked with pre-pared meals, beverages, deli meals, and locally produced cheese, fruit, and pastries for inexpensive dining options.

Hotel Accommodations

Once known only for the large all-inclusive resorts, Dominican Republic offers many different housing and hotel accommodations as well as plenty of natural attractions to explore around the island.

Historically, all-inclusive hotels like the Grand Bahia Principe El Portillo were the popular option for Dominican Republic, but with recent unexplained sickness, injury, and deaths there is more interest in alternate accommodations.

Las Palmas Residences, Las Terrenas Dominican Republic
Las Palmas Residences, Las Terrenas Dominican Republic

For cost and convenience, there are a ton of private home rentals to choose from. Located just steps away from Playa Las Ballenas, we stayed at the private, gated cottages of Las Palmas Residences.

Private residences, independent hotels, and condos are popular options, especially with full or partial kitchen, to truly relax and unplug from the normal hustle and bustle.

Afreeka Hostel in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic
Afreeka Hostel in Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic

Afreeka is the only hostel in Las Terrenas. Located on the east coast near Playa Popy, a shared room plus breakfast is $20 USD at the hostel. The ocean view bar is open to anyone, we stopped in for a quick tour, and enjoyed some music and dancing at sunset. This is definitely a great spot for cheap drinks and to meet up with other travelers.


Moto Taxi

Mopeds, Scooters, and small cc motorcycles are the transportation option of choice in Las Terrenas, and throughout many towns in Dominican Republic. Moto concho drivers are identified by the bright green “TAXI” vest.

Hail a moto taxi for a small fee anywhere in Las Terrenas. Usually $50 D ($1 USD) from Popy to Playa Las Ballenas or $100D ($2 USD) to go from playa Bonita all away across town to Popy. There are moto taxi stands scattered along the beach and in high traffic areas around town for convenience.

Other Transportation Considerations

Rental cars are more of a hassle for parking and the high fees at toll roads. We choose to take car service or taxi around the island and stick to moto taxis around town. While researching transportation options, at first glance the car service seemed more expensive than just renting a car, but the majority of transportation cost is tolls. We were able to negotiate our car service to include tolls which made the car service the easy and convenient option to get from Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas, and back again at the end of our trip.

While this town definitely feels like a well-kept secret, I was surprised how many of my friends had both heard of Las Terrenas and had traveled there. I can’t help but wonder why I am just now finding out about this wonderful little town.

42 thoughts on “Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic | Travel Guide”

  1. Great tips! We haven’t been to the Dominican Republic yet, but we would love it. Their beaches look so incredible. I’m going to keep your recommendations in mind. I’ve never tired a moto taxi, but I think we would need to! How neat!

  2. I love this and so cool to read that a lot of the stuff to do and see is local in nature. I would much rather eat local food at local restaurants rather than big box places.

  3. This looks like a wonderful place for a relaxing getaway! I especially love the prospect of al fresco dining and the wide range of cuisine options. Sounds like it’s tailor-made for a foodie like me.

  4. Hidden expensive getaway in the Caribbean- yes please! I’ve travelled quite extensively around the Caribbean but never made it to the Dominican Republic. Probably my fear of all inclusive properties, so pleased to hear there are alternatives these days.

  5. Las Terrenas looks like a perfect outing for some “vitamin sea”. The beaches look so clean and serene. The open-air dining options look great to me.

  6. So refreshing to read that there are no American fast food restaurants or chain retail shops. The globalization of destinations is ruining the charm of far-flung places. I want quirky and one-off rather than global brands when I go traveling because they add a sense of adventure and intrigue. You don’t know what you’re going to get, but that’s just the risk you have to take to have a more unique experience.

    1. Exactly! Nothing against the big, global brands, but it is nice to find a place full of unique, local experiences.

  7. I would not mind spending some time on that beach wathing the sunsets, catching them with my camera, or maybe just enjoying them in the company of a good wine 🙂
    I am guessing they can be quite magical, right?

  8. Friends of mine go to the Dominicans every year, and they swear by it, but I have been… shall be say, a bit astranged to the thought. But Im warming up, and even though its not on top of my bucketlist yet, its well on its way 🙂

  9. I’ve only bee to Barbados of the Caribbean islands although you got my attention when you mentioned small, quiet and water on three sides. It sounds fantastic. I’ve pinned to save for later too. Kx

  10. Wow! Dominican Republic has such beautiful beaches! I will love going and take me a lot of pictures, also the water looks amazing! Definitely you had a great trip I expect! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  11. Dominican Republic is undoubtedly a wonderful place, full of beautiful beaches and very cheerful people, I personally love the party atmosphere of Punta Cana, I hope soon to see you again, excellent writing.

  12. Quite interesting to know about Las Terrenas. Its amazing how locals know several languages.
    And I’m super happy to know its still not influenced by American fast food joints and chain stores. That itself would help the town maintain its authenticity.
    Popy beach feels like my kinda beach. The concept of Moto Taxi ride is amusing. Pretty impressive.
    $19.99 room with breakfast? There is absolutely no reason to look elsewhere. I know where I’m staying when I head to Les Terrenas.

  13. Dominican Republic is heaven on earth and I truly miss all the nice beaches and the weather, especially since the winter i northern Europe can be quite harsh. Las Terrenas looks like an amazing place, will keep it mind for next time I visit!

  14. I just got major chill beach vibes reading your post! More than the chill vibes though, I think my favorite thing about Las Terrenas is how international it is. The mix of cultures and cuisines is so appealing to me. Also, those motorcycle taxis are amazing.

  15. Las Terrenas looks very inviting , I have not heard of it either. I was in Punta Cana with gorgeous beaches too but washed up a lot of sea algae. It sounds like quite a treasure you found there. I did observe that the locals were not too friendly with white people speaking english. I had the impression they were way more relaxed around spanish speaking people. I fell in neither category so I had the neutral treatment. Did you also have that impression ?

    1. I found everyone to be friendly in Punta Cana and Las Terrenas, but I speak (bad) Spanish so I didn’t observe any bad attitude towards English only speakers.

  16. Such a beautiful and tranquil looking place! It was interesting hear that there is no fast food chains and other american businesses that have taken over the world. Very refreshing. I look forward to visiting Dominican Republic someday.

  17. I have not heard about Las Terrenas but it really looks beautiful exotic beach town in Dominican Republic. Playa Bonita beach really looks wonderful due to palm trees along the beautiful coast. Your Las Palmas Residences is worth staying as it has so much greenery surrounding the cottages. Thanks for sharing wonderful destination with many useful tips.

  18. Las Terrenas seems like a cool, laid-back beach town! The turquoise water is beautiful of course as are the white sand beaches! It’s great to know about the reasonably-priced hostel. I also like that there aren’t any American chain restaurants or retail stores, seems like there’s a Hard Rock Cafe and McDonalds everywhere you go these days!

  19. Las Terrenas sounds like my kind of place! I love that there is an international flair with a lot of languages spoken and different cuisines to eat. I always gravitate towards places with diversity. No American fast food places is a bonus for me! Of course the beaches look and sound amazing too 🙂

  20. Las Terrenas looks absolutely amazing! I’m with you – I haven’t heard of this place before, but I’m SO GLAD that I read this article! I love the idea of a cultural melting pot where I could practice my language skills without fear of being ridiculed. One of my favorite moments in Germany was when I ordered my breakfast in German…and the lady responded BACK to me in German! They usually responded to me in English. That’s when I knew that I made it. I would love to give this a try with Spanish and French in the DR!

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