Wild Horse Showroom

I have a new favorite Casino showroom at Wild Horse Pass! This intimate little showroom is perfect for comedy shows and small crowd concerts.

Showroom Stage
Showroom Stage

The showroom is intimate and every seat has a fantastic view, similar to Celebrity theatre, but attached to a casino!  The theatre is split between 2 tiers.  The lower level starts stage side and radiates out for up close view of the performers.  The top tier is angled so that every seat has a perfect view of the stage.  Even the last row in the far corner has a perfect line of sight view of the stage.  It is far superior to other local casino venues.

View from the back row
View from the back row

Behind the top tier seating is a fully stocked bar for convenient beverages.

There are some great restaurants for pre-show dinner, a variety of lounges for post-show drinks, and gambling.  Oh, the gambling!  There is ample parking, taxi service, and did I mention the gambling?  This is great venue to enjoy a show, a nice meal, and plenty of entertainment for a fun night out, even if you do not want to gamble.

Or, go to off-site for a little pre-show pampering at Aji Spa. Treat yourself to a top spa service and lounge in the pool.

I am ready and eager for the next intimate show at Wild Horse Pass Showroom!

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