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La Concha Renaissance Resort Review in Condado, Puerto Rico

Even though I live in a beachside community in Puerto Rico, I like to venture out to San Juan for a little staycation on occasion. Anytime I know that I need to be in San Juan two days in a row is excuse enough for me to try out a different resort. This visit my Sister joined me, her first visit to Puerto Rico, so I wanted a luxury resort with amazing pools and beach access in or near Old San Juan. La Concha was exactly what we were looking for.La Concha Resort Review Condado, Puerto Rico

Lively Lobby Bar and Poolside Café

Our room was not ready at check-in, so we had lunch and drinks near the main pool. The poolside café offers a small menu of salads, burger, and wraps for a very Americanized selection. Other than delicious yucca fries, the menu did not really offer much on the way of traditional Puerto Rican cuisine. The drinks are strong and delicious. The main Lobby bar is a great spot to wait for your room, meet up with friends, or just enjoy happy hour in the air conditioning.

Getting to Old San Juan

Old San Juan is approximately 3 miles from La Concha resort for a 10-20 minute drive, depending on traffic. We parked our car at La Concha and took an Uber to Colon Plaza in Old San Juan for a cost of $7.25, it was only $6 back due to less traffic. We ended up playing tourist in OSJ, it is hard not to be taken in by the charm of the old city.

The Room

The room, and resort, in general, is a simple modern design. White bed, white couch, with small pops of color sprinkled throughout with bright orange chairs, wall art, and bathroom tiles. While the bathroom was a bit on the small side, it was an efficient use of space and did not feel too cramped,  in part due to the walk-in shower (no door or curtain) and sink layout. The room boasts an impressive amount of storage in the bathroom, closet, and bureau drawers. The bed is quite comfortable, and the pillows are perfect for a great night’s sleep.

Comfortable bed in the standard room at La Concha Resort in Condado, Puerto Rico
Standard room at La Concha

While we had an oceanfront view, I regret not upgrading to a full balcony. I did not think we would spend much time in the room, and I was correct, we didn’t. Any stay more than a couple nights, and I definitely recommend to splurge for the balcony room.


Casino Del Mar entrance is just to the right from La Concha lobby entrance. The Casino is open 24/7 and is bigger than it looks at first glance. It has the feel of a mid-tier casino in Las Vegas with the typical Puerto Rico friendly natured hospitality. Security guards smiled and greeted us on way into the casino while keeping a careful glance at all the patrons.


There are three pool areas. The Main pool is right outside the lobby with an adjacent cafe and bar. There are two swimming levels plus tiled waterfall. It is considered the family pool and is a comfortable spot with plenty of chairs and loungers.

The Sereno Pool is downstairs on the beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and rock wall barrier. This is the party pool with dance music and poolside dancing.

JenThereDoneThat looking out at the Atlantic Ocean Ocean from the Terrace Pool at La Concha Resort
Ocean Terrace Pool at La Concha Resort

Ocean Terrace infinity pool is located near the Tower Suites. Tucked out of the way, it has full beach access and it adults only. Perfect for relaxing, no children or loud music, the Ocean Terrace pool is postcard perfect!

Beach Access

The golden sand beach dominates the backside of La Concha resort. The sand is soft and clean from the edge of the resort all the way into at least 20 feet of the Atlantic Ocean (that is as far as I went into the water). Workers start the day collecting any trash on the beach before beach lounge chairs and umbrellas are brought out for guests. Be sure to check for the red flags indicating rough water, there are usually light, rolling waves and can get rougher in strong winds. Located at 18 degrees north of the equator the water is warm year round.


La Concha does not have a spa on property. Zen Spa across the street on Ashford Avenue is excellent for any beauty treatment that you might need. For a full day of pampering, it is a 5-minute walk next door to the Condado Vanderbilt Spa.


La Concha Resort Review Condado, Puerto RicoLa Concha is an amazing luxury resort for a beach getaway. I have attended a few conferences and many happy hours on the property, and the service is always excellent. The perfect place to combine a couple days of relaxing beach time with exploring Old San Juan. I am refreshed and relaxed, which is exactly the point of my stay.

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