Guerlain Spa Review at the Plaza Hotel New York City

In March 2017, Guerlain Spa relocated from the Waldorf Astoria to the Plaza hotel in New York City.  Just a few weeks after relocation, I booked a facial for an afternoon pick-me up spa treatment and to check out the newly open location.Guerlain Spa Review Plaza Hotel in NYC

A business lunch brought me to midtown, then it is a short walk (or 1 stop on MTA with an even shorter walk) to the Plaza hotel.  I could not resist this decadent little treat in the middle of a work day!

Plaza Hotel NYC
The Plaza Hotel NYC

I have never had the pleasure of staying at the Plaza hotel, much like this trip, I usually stay in the Financial district.  Walking into the Plaza is just like a movie.  The massive flower arrangements are abundant.  Everything in the Plaza oozed New York City luxury.  I felt like a movie star riding the elevator up to the Spa on the fourth floor.

Guerlain Spa Amenities at the Plaza Hotel in NYC
Guerlain Spa Amenities at the Plaza Hotel in NYC

Check in at the Guerlain Spa was quick and efficient.  I was shown to my assigned locker and directed to the steam room and showers.  After changing into the plush Plaza robe, I spent about 10 minutes in the steam room (separate for Men and Women), then a quick rinse in the shower before walking over to the Relaxation Room.

Obligatory Plaza Robe Selfie
Obligatory Plaza Robe Selfie

Within minutes sitting in the Relaxation Room, a glass of Champagne and a strawberry macaroon were delivered to me on a silver platter!  The macaroon was exquisite and perfectly paired with my Champagne, which was refilled two more times before my facial.Guerlain Spa Champagne

Guerlain Spa Before Facial relaxing with Champagne
Guerlain Spa Before Facial, relaxing with Champagne

I was relaxed and feeling very spoiled BEFORE my facial even began.  Then the expert aesthetician and I discussed my goals for the facial.  Again, feeling like a movie star, I explained that I had just flown in from London and my face was dry from the long international flights from the last week.

I had a small “pinch me, this is really my life moment” as I prepared for my treatment.

Over the next 50 minutes, my facial included cleansing, steam to open my pores, extraction, hydration, an additional hydrating mask, arm & shoulder massage, another cleanse and lip balm.  By this point I was absolute putty and may have missed a few details of the treatment.

Guerlain Spa Facial Room at the Plaza Hotel NYC
Guerlain Spa Facial Room

After the facial, in addition to a glass of water, there was a chocolate caramel waiting for me.  I can now say from experience, that the chocolate caramel is better than any cherry on top!

Guerlain Spa After Facial and make up refresh application
Guerlain Spa After Facial and make up refresh application

Guerlain spa offers a complementary makeup refresh after treatments.  Not knowing what my evening in NYC would include, I opted for a light makeup application after my facial.

The overall experience was under two hours, and could easily have been packed into 90 minutes if I was in a hurry.  The luxury of my treatment was enhanced by the prompt service from check in to check out.

I left feeling good, relaxed, and glowing skin under a light powdered finish.  Days later and another ocean crossing flight, my face is hydrated and healthy from my luxury facial.

Guerlain Spa at the Plaza Hotel is a perfect NYC break in the day for a quick luxurious treatment or two.


No special consideration was given to me other than being a paying guest at this property.  I did receive a discount by purchasing a Travel Zoo voucher, and did not receive any special consideration from Travel Zoo.

Guerlain Spa Review in NYC Guerlain Spa NYC Review

24 thoughts on “Guerlain Spa Review at the Plaza Hotel New York City”

  1. We must agree that the floral arrangements, the large vases, and the chandeliers look like straight out of a movie or some palace. Those intermittent treats with macaroon and chocolate caramel sound so pampering. Glad to know that you had a great experience definitely worth a try

  2. This looks dreamy! Could do with a trip to a spa right about now – especially if it comes with champagne and macarons! The relaxation room looks so plush! Glad you enjoyed.

  3. The Guerlain Spa would be such a wonderful indulgence. I’d love to pamper myself here next time I’m in the city. Thanks of the tip about the Travel Zoo voucher too. I’ll keep an eye out.

  4. Okay I officially need a spa day! Your afternoon sounds so relaxing and it seems like they offer just about any treatment. I could go for a facial today!

  5. That is lovely service. You hardly had to wait, you get champagne and macaroon while waiting and then 50 mins of facial. It surely must have felt regal

  6. Once in a while, all of us need some ‘me’ time and a bit of pampering, don’t we? This sounds so soothing and relaxing. I love the idea of champagne + macaroons. The hotel is so majestic that it reminds me of a royal Indian palace.

  7. What an amazing and purely indulgent experience! As women, we all deserved to be spoiled and pampered and feel beautiful and cared for. This is now something that I have on my list of things to do in NYC.

  8. The Plaza Hotel is absolutely gorgeous and I had no idea that they had a spa! I am a firm believer that we all need a spa day at least once a month! This spa looks and sounds absolutely amazing, I will have to keep it in mind when we head to New York City next year for vacation!

  9. I think everyone loves a pampering now and again. I think they provided you with a great service especially the makeup afterwards. I have never had that at a spa.
    I am keen to try their chocolate caramel 🙂

  10. Now this really does look like a lap of luxury! Certainly, when you’re getting a glass of Champagne and a strawberry macaroon delivered to you on a silver platter, you know what kind of establishment you’re in! Always good to indulge yourself a little every once in a while and this certainly seems like the place to do it

  11. You had me at Spa 🙂 What a beautiful day out in New York and I love that you were given Champagne and strawberries. I could easily do with a facial. Glad to hear it was so good and you had great service

  12. Champagne and strawberry macaroon on silver platter prior to facial??? Ok, I’m sold!!! Oh, finally a chocolate caramel? I want to go there now!!! Lolz..

    1. Amazing service, excellent facial, and every little detail to spoil the guest rotten! Guerlain spa is my kind of place.

  13. champagne! strawberry macaroon! gosh. I’m feeling quite indulged myself just reading this! The only times I’ve ever had facials are when I’m on holiday, and I usually go for cheap deals, though a splurge every now and then sounds exactly what I need next time 😉

  14. The guerlain spa in New York does look fit for movie stars and you can’t beat the location for convenience. My mum would love a facial here, it all looks so relaxing and completely different to the city outside. Do they do gift cards, this would make a perfect present!

    1. I am sure they do gift cards. The Travel Zoo voucher that I purchased can definitely be given as a gift. Perfect idea for Mother’s Day.

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