Mount Nevis Hotel Review | Best Monkey Watching in St. Kitts and Nevis

When the Nevis Tourism organization invited me to visit the island on a Familiziation trip (FAM trip) I was excited and a bit nervous. They arrange dining, activities, and most important, the hotel accommodations. I am both a control freak and a pampered princess. I am very particular about my privacy, location, amenities, safety, and above all actually enjoying my travel accommodations!

Mount Nevis Hotel Review

Not only did the Mount Nevis Hotel live up to my standards, it exceeded expectations! From the moment we drove down the windy road leading to the property I had an immediate sign of relief and comfort in this darling boutique hotel property.

Convenient Location

Nevis island, one of two island states of St. Kitts and Nevis country, is a small island of a mere 93 square kilometers (36 sq mi) which is roughly the same size as St. Martin or Anguilla islands. With an island this small, nothing is far, and the Mount Nevis Hotel is a five-minute drive from the Nevis airport.

Ample parking spaces, if you choose to rent a car, this convenient location is ideal for taxi service between the airport, restaurants, activities and stunning beaches.

Cozy Lobby

Classic Caribbean style decor in the Mount Nevis Hotel Lobby
Classic Caribbean style decor in the Mount Nevis Hotel Lobby

Stunning Pool with a View

My only regret is not spending more time in this pool!

Drinking Ting, the local grapefruit soda, during a morning swim in Mount Nevis hotel pool.
Drinking Ting, the local grapefruit soda, during a morning swim.

Sadly, I did not even lounge in one of the poolside hammocks. And that is the real shame.

Mount Nevis Pool surrounded by palm tress with an amazing view of St. Kitts island across the narrows of the Caribbean Sea.
Mount Nevis Pool

The property is well lit and just as beautiful at night.

Mount Nevis Hotel Pool at Night with ample seating, lounge chairs, hammocks, and plenty of lights.
Mount Nevis Hotel Pool at Night

Spacious Suite with Living Room and Full Kitchen Amenities

I was pleasantly surprised upon check-in to find my Ocean View Suite came with a King size bed, ample closet, luxurious bathroom, office desk & chair, complete living room, full-size kitchen, and stunning balcony views.  My enormous room would be perfect for a family of four thanks to the Queen size sleeper sofa in the living room.

Another (minor) regret is that I did not spend more time enjoying my hotel suite at the resort, including a fully equipped kitchen. I easily could have prepared my own breakfast or snacks from the local fruits stands to enjoy on my private balcony or living room.

Enjoying coffee on my balcony. Mount Nevis Balcony view while I drink coffee in a bathroom.
Enjoying coffee on my balcony

Confession time, most of my Instagram posts were created either in bed before I fell asleep, or early morning on the living room couch before heading out for my morning walk (with monkeys).

Mount Nevis Hotel Bed Towel shaped like an Elephant

The kitchen was fully equipped with cups, plates, utensils, oven/stove, full-size refrigerator, and the most important, coffee maker! Perfect for honeymooners that do not want to leave the room. Wink, wink.

Patio Dining

Bella Vista patio restaurant at Mount Nevis hotel for Breakfast with a poolside view

Mornings are my favorite time of the day on Nevis. I love watching the sunrise over the Caribbean Sea from my comfy bed. There is always one or two monkeys to be seen on the morning walk, then a delicious breakfast of fresh local fruit, it is impossible not to be in a great mood in Nevis.

Bella Vista Breakfast at Mount Nevis hotel, coffee with a fresh fruit granola to start the day
Hot coffee and yogurt topped with granola and fresh fruit to start the day

Looking for more dining options on Nevis Island? Here is my Nevis Island Cuisine Guide

Monkey Watching

No visit to Nevis would be complete without seeing the Monkeys! The local African Green Vervet monkeys roam wild and outnumber the people on Nevis island. While many residents consider them pests for eating fruit from the backyard gardens, they are super cute! These monkeys have a slight greenish hue to easily camouflage throughout the island.

During my early morning walks around the resort, I spotted several of the monkeys walking freely around the property. I could easily get close enough to see the characteristic long tail with a little white puff on the end.

Later, when we went on a Monkey Watching ATV tour around the island with Funky Monkey Tours, some of the best spots to see the monkeys were on the Mount Nevis hotel property!

Mount Nevis hotel is a darling boutique hotel that is perfect for a quiet stay on Nevis Island with spectacular Caribbean views and upclose monkey watching.

Mount Nevis Hotel Review collage photo with hotel lobby, towel animal on bed, balcony view of Caribbean Sea at Sunrise, pool view dining table, and tiled bathroom.

More of my Nevis Adventures are posted to Instagram Stories here.

Disclaimer: Special thanks to the Nevis Tourism Authority for inviting me to visit as part of an all expenses paid familiarization tour of the island. As always, all opinions are my own.

12 thoughts on “Mount Nevis Hotel Review | Best Monkey Watching in St. Kitts and Nevis”

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  2. Are you a travel agent or how did you get invited to the FAM trip? This place looks cool. I didn’t notice anything about the price. Do you think it has a good value or is too expensive? How much is it? I have found AirBnB to have really made everything a lot more competitive. How does Nevis compare to Puerto Rico in terms of culture, cost, infrastructure etc?

    1. I am a travel blogger with a significant following on social media and traffic from my website. Nevis is more expensive than my current home of Puerto Rico, but I felt like it was a great value for the quality of activities, food, and accommodation. Nevis roads are in far better condition that Puerto Rico! Everything seems so clean and well kept, which is not always the case in the Caribbean and certainly no in Puerto Rico. Nevis is a laid back luxury destination with more British influence than Spanish.

  3. I was not knowing about Nevis but reading your post makes me tempt to visit this peaceful island. It is good that their tourism department invited you and took good care of you. The lobby of the hotel really looks cozy and also the pool with a view is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great hotel and above all in a great location as well. I have never heard of this place and thanks to posts like these you find out about more new places. The hotel looks very clean and tidy and has some great views of the mountains. The pool looks as inviting so overall a thumbs up seems like. THANKS FOR SHARING THIS HOTEL.

  5. The Mount Nevis Hotel looks like the perfect place to stay. I’m a control freak too but so happy this turned out great. I do like a room that can accommodate a family comfortably. And how fun to see monkeys everywhere!

  6. I really don’t know much about Nevis, so I loved reading about this hotel. That view off of your balcony is so beautiful. It’s so wide and amazing. To tell you the truth, waking up to that view and having a few monkeys bouncing around sounds like such a wonderful way to start each day (and the breakfast looks pretty amazing too!).

  7. The Mount Nevis Hotel looks very inviting. To be honest I am not sure if the view from this great pool or your balcony is more stunning. But what amazes me the most is the fact that you can do such cool monkey watching. This must be truly fun and a very unique experience. I also like the night impressions. This nice and cozy light gives very chilled impressions, very beautiful.

  8. I can totally see why Mount Nevis exceeded your expectations. The Caribbean decor in the lobby has taken my heart away. I always love these kind of places, so full of character. Will make it a point to stay here when I get there. Thanks!

  9. I could go there just for the views. What a view of the turquoise waters with the mountain in the backdrop. Amazing. Cant imagine too many better settings than that! Nice boutique styled interiors too!

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