Spa Time at the El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico

Jacuzzi at Waldorf Astoria Spa, El Conquistador Resort

Girls’ weekend seems incomplete without a little spa time.  Our adventures included exploring Old San Juan, dining, shopping, scuba/snorkel trip, and plenty of beach time. We headed off to the Waldorf Astoria Spa, located in the lovely El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Waldorf Astoria Spa

My first visit to the El Conquistador resort was last year, but this was my first time for spa treatments.  Each previous resort visit included a scuba dive, how had I not thought to follow up with a massage?  Hmm.


We arrived almost 2 hours before our appointment.  After parking, the signs on resort property clearly pointed us directly to the spa.  Check-in reception is located on the ground level, and the actual Spa is on the third floor.  There is a small shop on the ground floor for work out clothes, cover-ups, swim wear, and other items that may be needed for your resort stay.  At the third floor reception we received our locker keys complete with robe and sandals, plus a quick tour. 

2016_ELCon jacuzzi

The Spa area is simple and small, with a classic design throughout.  There are several corridors of treatment rooms, changing room/lockers, pre-treatment lounge, post-treatment Tea Room, Jacuzzi, steam room, bathrooms, and showers.  Everything is located indoor, on the third floor.  The resort pools are accessed upon leaving the spa.


There are two large spouts high on the wall providing a lovely cascade of water into the large Jacuzzi, with plenty of natural light from the skylight above.  The steam room is nestled on the shared wall of the Jacuzzi.  After a quick shower, we donned our robes and enjoyed a little quiet time in the lounge before service.

Window view of the El Conquistador resort trees from the Waldorf Astoria Spa lounge
Window view of the El Conquistador resort trees from the Waldorf Astoria Spa lounge

According to my fitness tracker, I racked up 8 miles of walking around Old San Juan the previous day, followed by an afternoon swim at Laquillo beach.  The spa appointment immediately followed a morning scuba dive trip (2 tanks).  When I explained my activities from the last 48 hours, the response was reassuring agreement from my therapist that I was due for a massage.  I received much needed attention to my IT band (iliotibial) and thighs.  My therapist understood exactly what I needed based on my aforementioned activities.  My massage was excellent!  I opted for a Swedish massage and felt relaxed and recovered at the end of the hour.  I will likely add hot stones to my service, or even the deep tissue massage for my next post scuba dive appointment.

Spa Treatment Room
Spa Treatment Room

After the service, I met my Spa buddy in the Tea Room.  I love the coordination and ease of a well-designed post service meeting area.  A common meeting room is so convenient when going to the spa as a group.  There was plenty of seating and a small selection of hot teas to choose from.

Tea Room
Tea Room
Tea Prep Cabinet
Tea Prep Cabinet

We prepared and drank our tea, then compared our current state of relaxation and details of each service.  My spa buddy had spent the morning snorkeling from the dive boat, and she needed (and received) more shoulder and neck attention in her massage.  She also informed me that the dozen or so services she has received here are all consistently good.  We will be back for more!

While the service was quite enjoyable, there are certainly areas for improvement.  There were signs of wear in the showers and the furnishings all seem a bit worn.  Our beverage options were limited to ice water before service, and ice water or hot tea after service.  I would like to see options for flavored waters, iced tea, juice, and wine/cocktails.

We left the Spa shortly after our service.  Since the spa is entirely indoor, it would be a great option for a stormy day, or rainy morning/afternoon that are common in the Caribbean.  Otherwise, post treatment is the perfect excuse to lounge around one of the resort pools or take the ferry to Palomino Island for more beach time (complimentary service for resort guests).

I was given no special treatment other than being a paying guest at this Spa.  

Update:  I went back in October 2016, when the Spa was running special pricing for Spa Trio of Massage, Facial, and Full Body Scrub.  Here is the video tour from my October visit.

22 thoughts on “Spa Time at the El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico”

  1. Looks like a relaxing place to wind down and chill out. I love spas, especially after a long international flight. And especially if you get a good massage.

  2. It sounds very nice! I love a good spa day after a string of activities. I was just in Fajardo this year, so I’ll have to remember this when I go back!

  3. There really is nothing like a long day getting pampered to get you back on an even keel and certainly this small, simple but very lovely resort seems like the perfect place to do that. And really, after active few days you had preceding the spa visit, a massage must have been heavenly. And as you said, it really would be the best way to spend a Caribbean storm. Very enjoyable read

  4. Although I enjoy spas only when on vacation, their popularity even as a staycation is increasing. WA is a luxury property and your photos from the spa is proof of that. Loved how cozy it is and as you rightly said perfect for those bad weather days.

  5. Haha, I totally agree that a spa day is desperately needed after a morning of snorkeling or diving–that’ll wear you out! And what a great idea for doing this on a rainy day!

  6. Although you say it looks simple and small, I think that this is the perfect place for rest, Jen! I have so much on at work and in my personal life that as soon as I saw your beautiful photograph of the spa, I knew I needed to dip my toes in some warm water and just relax. I loved reading your encounter at the spa. When things get busy, don’t forget to treat yo’self!

  7. Now I feel like I really missed out when I opted out of going to spa when we were at El Conquistador a few years ago! The spa treatment sounds divine. To be expected as the service, hotel and grounds were top notch when we were there.

  8. This looks soooo relaxing. Okay this is just the final push – I NEED to gift myself a spa weekend asap. The Jacuzzi looks so inviting.

  9. You are keeping yourself BUSY over there. I don’t know if I’d be up for anything after walking around for 8 hrs, but that spa is definitely much needed haha. I keep thinking I should go to Puerto Rico but I’ll wait for a direct flight from Seattle to become available.

  10. I feel relaxed just reading the words “post-treatment tea room” lol. I’ll admit- I’ve never been to a spa, but it seems impressive that they would cater your treatments based on your activities the few days prior!

  11. Wow, the jacuzzi looks so inviting!! Seems like you had a perfect spa experience and after reading your post I’m definitely longing to hit the spa soon!!

  12. There’s nothing more relaxing when traveling than pampering yourself with a spa day. After long flights or transportation you feel so drained. This is the ultimate way to relax. This spa looks amazing, glad you had a great experience! Thanks for sharing.

  13. This place is super fancy!!! I love spa days – any treatment there is, I will try it. The Jacuzzi looks really nice and the lounge is exactly the kind of place I would love to relax in a robe. So happy to hear that you had a good massage. Sounds like your masseuse really knew what areas to work on.

  14. A massage after intense exercise is always most relaxing. I especially love spas more after I’ve been stressed. The magic of a massage can make you feel like an entirely new person. The place looks clean and well kept too!

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