Over view of Fajardo, Puerto Rico | Beaches, Bio Bay, and More

Overview of Fajardo, Puerto Rico for Seven Seas beach, Bio Bay kayaking tours, scuba, dining, and the El Conquistador hotel.

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Our first experience with Puerto Rico was Old San Juan, and I was hooked!  When planning our next visit, we knew we needed more time, and we wanted to explore several areas of the island.  We started in beautiful Isla Verde, just outside of San Juan, then rented a car and headed out to Fajardo for a few days.  Six months later, I find myself back in Fajardo.

2016_Fajardo Sign

Fajardo is an hour East of San Juan, at the meeting point for the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea on the Northeast tip of the island.  Fajardo boasts one of the world’s rare bioluminescent bays, a must-see at night during the new moon, when it is darkest.

Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Fajardo, Puerto Rico View of the town center, bioluminescent bay, and the spot where Atlantic means the Caribbean Sea

We stayed at the luxurious El Conquistador resort, and after several over-priced resort meals, we ventured out into the nearby restaurants for a local experience.  Our first excursion was lunch at one of the small casual dining restaurants with a large patio.  On the weekend, the locals have a big party with food trucks, music, and fun.

La Vistas

It is a foodie paradise!  There are food stands and small dining options at every turn.  A short, brisk walk up a street leads to Las Vistas Cafe for brunch, one of the best outdoor cafes in Fajardo.

Marina Lanais is located in the harbor at the base of El Conquistador.  A short funicular ride down the mountain from the resort, or a quick drive around the resort to a large public parking lot, the marina is home to Casa del Mar PADI dive center & luxury charters.

Marina Lanais from Casa del Mar dive boat
Marina Lanais from Casa del Mar dive boat

My favorite beach in Fajardo is Seven Seas. This blue flag beach has clear, calm water and soft tan sand. Arrive early for the best spots and no crowds, by early afternoon this beach will be packed with people!

Kayaks are available for rent, a few beach vendors selling cold treats, and hot food in the nearby restaurant.

Fajardo Seven Sea blue flag beach, Puerto Rico
Seven Seas blue flag beach in Fajardo

The ferry terminal located nearby in Ceiba (a short drive south of Fajardo) offers passage to the nearby islands of Vieques and Culebra and is a popular option for transportation to the nearby islands.

Fajardo is home to some beautiful water perfect for snorkeling, scuba, and fishing. Don’t miss this fantastic little beach town with delicious food, water sports, and friendly people!

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    1. We were there during the full moon, so it was too bright. I plan to go back soon for the new moon, when it is dark so we can see the glow. Fajardo is so nice, I look forward to going many more times!

  1. I totally get you wanting to explore out a bit and try some local restaurants! I remember when volunteering in Kenya, a lot of folks missed food like pizza and burger and chips, meals cooked in the more Westernized (and expensive!) restaurants. Me, I was quite happy with a fish and some rice for 30p!

  2. Puerto Rico is such an under-rated place. I feel that it has so much to offer, but so little travellers or tourist has explore it. Thanks for sharing! I would love to travel to Puerto Rico to do some snorkeling.

  3. Thanks for sharing this! Though I haven’t been to Puerto Rico but I am very much interested in checking out this place when resources would allow me. Having to experience the bioluminescent bay at night must be blissful! 🙂

  4. Looks really fun – I like that the locals have a weekend party of food and music- what more can you ask for! Definitely have to get over here someday.

  5. It’s always cool to come back to experience more of a place. I would definitely visit just for the bioluminescent bay, I’ve only ever seen pictures of them and they look spectacular.

  6. I hear so much about Puerto Rico and find myself reading about it and wishing to go. I love reading posts like these that show a different side to a place with insight. I would love to go snorkeling there. I love that view of the town center.

    1. We still have not seen the bio bay at night, during the new moon (when it is darkest outside and the bio bay is best seen). Next time.

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