Visit New Orleans: Celebrating 300 years of History, Art, and Music

Happy Tricentennial Birthday New Orleans! My first visit to New Orleans was Mardi Gras (1999) and I have returned a few more times for Thanksgiving and festivals. Every visit is a great time filled with fun, food, history, and entertainment. 2018 marks the tricentennial birthday for New Orleans and I could not pass up the … Continue reading “Visit New Orleans: Celebrating 300 years of History, Art, and Music”

Work With Me

Thank you for stopping by JenThereDoneThat! is run by Jen Morrow, part of a 40+ couple of digital nomads, based in Humacao, Puerto Rico. JenThereDoneThat features beach activities, snorkeling/scuba, hiking, outdoor sports, local cuisine, nature appreciation, museums/history, spa and wellness. The goal of JenThere DoneThat is to inspire adventure through exploration and travel. To learn more about Jen click … Continue reading “Work With Me”

Visit Puerto Rico; What You Need to Know and Why You Should Come after Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria pounded Puerto Rico September 2017, and while the full recovery is expected to take years, many island attractions are open now with more improvements every day.

Memorable Moments of 2017 with JenThereDoneThat

2017 was full of adventure and challenges that made for some memorable moments that I will never forget. Some of my worst travel moments include the usual cancelled flights, luggage that went on a different vacation than me, Instagram-famous spots that are a disappointment IRL, and watching some of the best plans crumbled before my … Continue reading “Memorable Moments of 2017 with JenThereDoneThat”

Puerto Del Rey Marina, Puerto Rico

Puerto del Rey is the largest marina in Puerto Rico, and even the largest in the Caribbean!  I am slowly falling in love with this marina and all of the businesses and events hosted there.  I am a certified scuba diver and all around fan of boats and water, sadly I am not a boat … Continue reading “Puerto Del Rey Marina, Puerto Rico”