Visit New Orleans: Celebrating 300 years of History, Art, and Music

Happy Tricentennial Birthday New Orleans!

My first visit to New Orleans was Mardi Gras (1999) and I have returned a few more times for Thanksgiving and festivals. Every visit is a great time filled with fun, food, history, and entertainment.

2018 marks the tricentennial birthday for New Orleans and I could not pass up the opportunity to celebrate the big 3-0-0!

First-time visitors typically stick to the top 5 activities, which are a very good place to start, and revisit anytime in New Orleans. Continue reading “Visit New Orleans: Celebrating 300 years of History, Art, and Music”

Day Trip in Nogales, Mexico

Looking for a break from the Phoenix summer heat, I needed a road trip.  Several of my friends headed North this weekend for Sedona, Flagstaff, and Payson.  We headed South to Mexico!

With some US cash in our pockets, passports (or Global Entry cards), iced coffee, and a full tank of gas we were on our way.

Nogales, Mexico fence in the background
Border fence in the background, from the Nogales, Mexico side

Total drive time was under 2 hours each way!  We paid $4 for parking on the US side of the fence (quite literally a fence dividing the countries) and walked through the International pedestrian border crossing.   The crossing for cars in either direction was slow moving and packed.  Mexico auto insurance must be purchased to drive across the border.  Walking was so much easier and faster to cross the border and getting around town.  Comfy sport sandals were a great footwear choice due to the many stairs and all of the walking. Continue reading “Day Trip in Nogales, Mexico”