12 Surprising Facts that I Learned After Living in Puerto Rico for Six Months

After extensive Preparation (read about it here), we are loving living in Puerto Rico! After six months we are still considered “new”residents and everyday we learn new things about this beautiful island.

Here are 12 surprising facts about Puerto Rico:

12 Surprising Facts Puerto Rico(I only knew the first five before we moved to the Island!)

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Spa Time at the El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico

Girls’ weekend seems incomplete without a little spa time.  Our adventures included exploring Old San Juan, dining, shopping, scuba/snorkel trip, and plenty of beach time. We headed off to the Waldorf Astoria Spa, located in the lovely El Conquistador Resort in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Waldorf Astoria Spa

My first visit to the El Conquistador resort was last year, but this was my first spa visit.  Each previous resort visit included a scuba dive, how had I not thought to follow up with a massage?  Hmm. Continue reading Spa Time at the El Conquistador Resort, Puerto Rico

Beginners Guide to White Water Rafting Around the World

White Water Rafting is a great way to see the area along a river in an adrenaline fueled activity.  Here is what I wish I knew before I went rafting the first time.   I have asked for guidance from fellow travelers about their first trip, and advice from a few experienced rafters.White Water Rafting

The first time that I went rafting was in Colorado with a very experienced group.  They asked me if I wanted to go on a weekend trip, and one full day was going to be rafting.  Without asking any questions, I said YES!

I did not know about the area, different classes of rapids, what to expect – I just showed up.  Granted, I had a great time, but I was in way over my head, here what I wish that I knew before my first trip. Continue reading Beginners Guide to White Water Rafting Around the World

How Growing up in Phoenix Prepared Me for Living in Puerto Rico

We recently moved to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.  I was a little nervous about the culture shock of leaving our hot, dry desert city and adjusting to small town, island life.  It sounds weird, but it turns out growing up in Phoenix has actually prepared me for living in Puerto Rico.  GrowingupPHX

Here are 10 ways growing up in Phoenix, Arizona prepared me for living in Puerto Rico:

Close connection to foreign countries. 

It is faster to drive to Mexico from Phoenix than any state in the US, Mexico is Arizona’s neighbor to the South.  Likewise, Puerto Rico’s closest neighbors are definitely not the US mainland (Hello Dominican Republic and British Virgin Islands)

Everyone is (a little) Bilingual

Anyone who grew up in Arizona speaks at least a little Spanish. I even attended a bilingual elementary school for English as Second Language (ESL program).  Everyone speaks a little English in Puerto Rico.  Many people are fully bilingual in both Arizona and Puerto Rico.   Admittedly, Arizona Spanglish is a different dialect that the Puerto Rican Spanish, but it is a good foundation to build upon.  Plus I was always really good at charades, so I can act out many difficult phrases.

There are more Snowbirds than Local Residents half the year

Winters in Phoenix are overrun by people from the Mid-west desperately trying to escape the cold and warm up.  Since arriving in January, we have seen the population dwindle as the snowbirds leave the island for summer.  I just cannot escape snowbirds!

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The Trip that Changed my Life Book Project

If you have read my list of 7 Destinations to Visit in Your Lifetime, you know that #5 is to Visit a Place of Poverty and Hardship – that is exactly the idea behind The Trip That Changed my Life book project championed by Hung Thai from comedy travel site Up, Up, and a Bear.

ChangeLifeBookAbout Project Alpha: The Trip that Changed My Life originator Hung Thai has always had an intense love for the travel and the ability it has to transform one’s life, and he started traveling seriously five years ago. In an effort to join forces with those around the globe who share his same joy for traversing the world’s landscapes, he had the idea for The Trip that Changed My Life, nicknamed Project Alpha, in early 2016. With the intention to recruit a dozen or so writers to contribute to a small book supporting two charities Thai is passionate about—Unbound and Save the Children—the charitable project quickly grew to more than 50 collaborators from around the world. Thai, founder of travel blog Up Up and a Bear, which has six regular contributors, is thrilled that global book Project Alpha has been embraced by backpackers, jet-setters and everyone in between of all ages and backgrounds from around the world.

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