Exploring Castillo San Felipe del Morro Fort Puerto Rico

The first time I saw Castillo San Felipe del Morro Fort in Old San Juan was by boat.  Our cruise ship safely docked and I was mesmerized by the large stone fort.  With only one day in Puerto Rico, we toured the smaller fort of San Cristobal, opting to spend more time exploring Old San Juan and dinner at the famous Barrachina restaurant.  I loved San Juan immediately, and knew we would be back later to explore El Morro and Puerto Rico.

Arrival by Sea in 2012
Arrival by Sea in 2012

Almost four years later, we live full-time in beautiful Puerto Rico.  When my parents recently came to visit, El Morro was at the top of our itinerary.  For their visit, we approached on foot.  Our Uber driver dropped us off at the long walk way leading to the entrance.  Once again, I was still mesmerized. Continue reading Exploring Castillo San Felipe del Morro Fort Puerto Rico

Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award is based on 4 criteria and we are proud to announce that MVMT blog nominated JenThereDoneThat!

versatile-blogger-award-trophyThe criteria for nomination are: (1) the quality of the writing, (2) the uniqueness of the subjects covered, (3) the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page, and (4) the quality of the photographs. Continue reading Versatile Blogger Award

Charco Azul Fresh Water Natural Pool Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Ever since moving to Puerto Rico earlier this year, I am beach and water obsessed.   Coming from the hot, dry desert the beach is still a magical, mysterious place.  I am always on the hunt for special, secluded little places and ask all of the long-term residents about their favorite spots.  So I was surprised when multiple trusted locals told me about the secret mountain pools around the island.  Intrigued by other natural water activities, we decided on a visit to Charco Azul.

charco-azul-natural-pool-puerto-ricoCharco Azul is a fresh water, natural swimming pool located in the southeast mountain region of Puerto Rico.   It is close  to our neighborhood in Palmas Del Mar.  It is also the most popular natural pool on the island.   We braced ourselves for huge crowds and (possible) disappointment, then drove out Sunday morning in the off season (August – November) to explore. Continue reading Charco Azul Fresh Water Natural Pool Puerto Rico Travel Guide

Remede Spa Review St Regis Bahia Resort, Puerto Rico

The St. Regis Bahia Resort caught my attention over a year ago during a two week vacation in Puerto Rico.  Now that we are living in Puerto Rico full time, I booked a spa day at Remede Spa at St Regis Bahia resort.remede-spa-review-st-regis-bahia-resort-puerto-rico

After reviewing the Spa Menu, I decided that I could not decide.  There were so many options, I booked a massage and the customized facial. Continue reading Remede Spa Review St Regis Bahia Resort, Puerto Rico

Arecibo Observatory

The Radio Telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico has been on my travel destination wish list for almost 20 years, ever since the Visitor’s Center was built in 1997.  The Arecibo Radio Telescope was completed in 1963 after only 3 years of construction.  It is a Scientific treasure and an impressive piece of engineering.Arecibo Observatory Radio Telescope Information Travel Tips

I finally was able to explore the World’s Largest Radio Telescope mere weeks after it was no longer the largest – July 2016 China opened a Radio Telescope that is slightly larger, claiming the World’s Largest Title.  Arecibo Observatory is well worth a visit for anyone who loves science and engineering.

Here is everything you need to know about the Observatory and how to avoid a Travel Disaster!

Continue reading Arecibo Observatory

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