Revive Spa JW Marriott Desert Ridge | Spa Review and Tour

Just like reading, the more your spa the more you know.  So, if I had little less spa experience, I would probably like the Revive spa at JW Marriott Desert Ridge in north Phoenix more.  Perhaps ignorance is bliss.

Marriott spa10

For this review, I am going to rely heavily on a picture is worth a thousand words to adequately convey the message.

Marriott spa9

The good – everything is clean, spacious lockers, nice showers, robe and sandals provided, and abundant towels.

The service was good, albeit a bit overpriced.  Be sure to check TravelZoo or Groupon for a reduced price deal to avoid paying full price.

Marriott spa8


The indoor hot tub area is cozy, complete with water stations.

The not so good – Maybe I went on a day that was short-staffed?  Either way, notice the towels from guests that have not been cleaned-up in the last hour?  I sat in here reading for 30 minutes, no one on staff even checked on the area.Marriott spa2

The pool area outside is beautiful, with covered cabanas, pool-side service, and plenty of seating.

Marriott spa3

Trying to find the outside pool is a challenge.  The indoor spa, services, lockers, and relaxation rooms on gender specific.  There is a small, unmarked passage way to leave the Ladies area and discover the co-ed pool.

Marriott spa4
The pool is located on the other side of this gate, around the corner, and across the cafe.

The bad – okay, there wasn’t anything really bad, just mediocre.

Very few people stayed for any time after their service.  A couple ladies were briefly in the hot tub area, and a few couples met back out at the pool before leaving.  In general, this spa has so much to offer, but guests were just not willing to stay around too long to enjoy the amenities after service.

Marriott spa5
Relaxation area with tea station.

Marriott spa7Revive is higher priced that several other spas nearby in Scottsdale.  I generally am impressed with Marriott properties, and adore the JW line of hotels for dining and overall service.

No special consideration was given to me other than being a paying guest at this property.  

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