Palmas del Mar Activities | Humacao, Puerto Rico

Golf, Tennis, Beach, Hiking, Horse Rides, and so many activities in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico! Palmas del Mar is located about an hour south of San Juan in the municipality of Humacao on the east coast of Puerto Rico. Let me show you some of my favorite places & activities around Palmas del Mar!

Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico is a resort community best known for golf and the largest tennis center in the Caribbean. But there is so much more to this amazing community for guests and residents alike.

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Getaway to Guánica, Puerto Rico for Beach Watersports, Spa, Hiking Trails and Lighthouse Ruins | Travel Puerto Rico

Guánica, Puerto Rico is the perfect getaway for watersports, hiking, scuba diving, beach and spa!

Need a relaxing beach getaway with plenty of watersport, nearby hiking trails and a fabulous spa? Guánica, Puerto Rico is the perfect spot!

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Museo Castillo Serrallés | Ponce, Puerto Rico

Castillo Serrallés History

Castillo Serrallés is the family home of the best selling rum brand in Puerto Rico, Don Q. This incredible castle and much of the entire city of Ponce, was build as part of the vast Serrallés family fortune.

Built in 1930, this four story concrete castle sits on top of a hill overlooking downtown Ponce, Puerto Rico. The former family mansion turned museum is Spanish Revival or Spanish Moroccan architecture designed in the 1920’s. Surrounded by magnificently manicured gardens, there is a strong breeze from the Caribbean Sea to naturally cool the property.

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Puerto Rico Tax Act 60 | Business Opportunities and Tax Incentives in the Caribbean

Several Caribbean Islands are offering VISA and incentive programs to attract remote workers, digital nomads, and other entrepreneurs that bring their job and income with them. Countries such as Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Aruba, Barbados, Bermuda, Caymen Islands, and Montserrat have temporary resident VISA programs to encourage these remote workers to live in the Caribbean and contribute to their economy.

For many years, Puerto Rico offered Tax Act 20 for businesses and Tax Act 22 for Individuals to entice U.S. citizens and permanent residents looking for sun and tax savings. The program is now expanded under the Tax Act 60 to include more industries and business opportunities. Residents already living on the island or anyone that wants to move to Puerto Rico may benefit from these incentives.

If living in the Caribbean sounds like the ideal life to you, read on to determine whether the Tax Act 60 incentives and tax exemptions are right for you.

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Moving and Shipping items to Puerto Rico

Moving Guide and resources to efficiently ship items to Puerto Rico, including artwork, antiquities, and vehicles.
Best Shipping Options for Puerto Rico; Auto transport, Furniture & household goods, Business moves, Island wide moving services, and online shipping options.

There is no shortage of reasons to move to Puerto Rico, whether it’s the year-round beach lifestyle, the vibrant Hispanic culture, or the many tax incentives the Puerto Rican government offers. Whatever your reasons, the next step is the actual move itself. Moving to an island has an entirely different set of challenges than just your normal, everyday load up the rental truck and drive to your new home.

If you decide to move all your possessions, sell everything and buy new, or a little bit of both these are some great options to help you make the best decision for your move to Puerto Rico!

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