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Mexico has a bad reputation for crime and violence, it is all over the news.  Yet, there are some beautiful and safe parts of Mexico, like Cancun.  It is on the eastern tip of Mexico, sitting on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea.  It is well protected from most of the hurricanes and enjoys gorgeous weather year round.  There is no need to drive across the border, Cancun is easily accessible from most major airports.

Hyatt Zilara Resort
Hyatt Zilara Resort beach

Cancun boasts beautiful beaches, the northern section of the Great Maya Reef, Mayan ruins and museums, art, spa activities, shopping, nightlife, and friendly locals.  Far less expensive than the Mediterranean cities, Cancun is a great value for the vacation budget.

The Hotel Zone offers spectacular views from the variety of resorts represented by the major brands.

Many are all-inclusive food & drink resorts and a few are no children under 16 allowed, like Hyatt’s Zilara Resort.

AquaworldAquaworld resides within the hotel zone offering boat tour & fishing excursions, SCUBA certification & dives.  The Hard Rock, JW Marriot, and Paradise resorts are close walking distance to Aquaworld.  Other hotels are a short bus or taxi ride down the street.  Like most of the locals in Cancun, the instructors and crew speak multiple languages including English.  I spent half my vacation getting SCUBA certified and a couple more dives, because the reef is stunning.


The Museo Subacuatico de Arte is an underwater museum that I was able to explore during two of my dives.

Underwater Museum - photo from Museo Subacuatico de Arte
Underwater Museum
Fish in the Great Mayan Reef
Fish in the Great Mayan Reef

Aquaworld has wet suits available, but this water is so warm that I did not need one, even for my deepest dives at 55 meters.

Nurse shark
Nurse shark

Cancun offers a variety of water sports, great food, relaxing, and adventure in a safe and comfortable environment.  I am ready to go back for my next vacation!

Looking for more activities?  Check out this great guide for the Rio Secreto, nearby underground caves and fresh water cenote.

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    1. You can snorkel the site above, but you need to be open water scuba certified (or in progress) to dive the site. It is an amazing site up close!

  1. I really want to visit MUSA! I live in Playa del Carmen, so I’m pretty close! However, I’m thinking of snorkelling not diving. Do you think this will still be a great experience? Will I be able to dive down to take photos with the statues? Amazing post!! 😀

  2. Hola como estas soy de Cancun y en estos momentos me tope con tu blog, me pareció interesante y entretenido el post, solo que siento que le falta algo más que le de mas esencia y despierte ya sea la alegría, ira, enojo o incluso cuestión de los lectores. Saludos amigo 😀 desde Cancún mientras disque trabajo hahahaa

  3. Excelente post, me pareció muy entretenido y en este momento de ocio aproveche para leer con calma en muchos aspectos concierto con todo lo que escribiste, saludos y te invito a pasar a la agencia de renta de autos en Cancún

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