Phoenix Skytrain | Finally Transportation that Makes Sense for Sky Harbor International Airport

The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Skytrain is open!  The train currently runs between the East Economy lots to Terminal 4.  The East Economy lot station is located between Garages A and B.  There are passenger trams to take passengers and luggage directly to and from cars to the station.  There are still buses running between the Terminals.  For the employees and passengers at Terminal 4, this is a great service!  The skytrain is faster than the old buses, running more frequently, and the drop off is on the ticketing/gate level in the middle of the Terminal.

PHX Skytrain
PHX Skytrain

There is no additional charge to passengers.  The train is funded by airport revenues and passenger fees, so I plan to enjoy this service that I have already paid for.

The train is quiet (it is electric), fast, efficient, and (so far) clean!

Celebrity Theatre Phoenix | Concert Venue with Charm

Celebrity Theatre is a great 1960’s design concert venue located in Phoenix, Arizona.  This circular venue includes a rotating stage to ensure that everyone has a great view of the stage, no matter where your seats are located!

Front Row at Celebrity Theatre
Front Row at Celebrity Theatre
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Talking Stick Resort | Reviews and Amenities in Scottsdale, Arizona

Talking Stick Resort has come a long way since opening . It was a rough start, but after completing multiple expansion projects, Talking Stick Resort has finally figured out how to run events and offer a great experience for entertainment in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Talking Stick patio view of the Scottsdale Desert
Talking Stick patio view, Photo courtesy of Evette
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Lyndhurst Castle | Fairy Tale Manor in New York

I love Castles!  Gothic architecture is so enchanting, like a Fairy Tale come to Life.  I was so excited to visit Lyndhurst Mansion in New York state.  Nicknamed Lyndenhurst for the beautiful linden trees on the property, it is formally known as the Jay Gould estate for people without any imagination, named for previous Railroad tycoon owner.  For the rest of us, this country house and surrounding 67 acre park is an American mini-Castle waiting to be explored.

Front view from the road
Front view of the Lyndhurst estate from the road
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Encinitas Meditation Garden | Experience California Zen with Ocean Views

Encinitas is a quiet beach town located 25 minutes North of San Diego, far away from the crowds and traffic of LA. This beach town is full of amazing views, epic surfing, and Meditation Gardens.

The Self-Realization Fellowship does not sound like a place that I would ever visit.  I imagined skinny, creepy guys with shaved heads that could be in a trance or asleep.  There are large columns topped with huge gold flowers along the road surrounding the Fellowship Temple in the middle of Encinitas, California.  A friendly surfer recommended a visit, so I walked around to the entrance.

Meditation Gardens front steps
Meditation Gardens front steps
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