Top 5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Dog TrioTop 5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog is a major commitment.  Here are a few things to know and consider before bringing that little bundle of destructive energy into your life.

  1. What is the Life expectancy of the breed? You are adopting this dog into your family for their entire life.  If a 12 or more year commitment scares you, get a goldfish.

In general, mixed breeds (mutts) have fewer health issues and live longer than pure breed dogs.

Speaking of health issues, read up on possible risk factors or any specific illnesses associated with the breed.   This may be your deciding factor for Pet Insurance or not.

  1. Understand your dog breed activity level and need for attention. There is not a one size fits all exercise and attention plan for dogs.  Research the breed and ask specific questions about the dog before adoption so you fully understand the commitment that you are making.

Are you getting a working dog?  Make sure you provide a job for these breeds, or they will start their own career path that you may not like. Continue reading “Top 5 Things to Consider Before Adopting a Dog”

White Tanks

The White Tank Mountain range is located on the far West side of metro Phoenix, within the edge of Maricopa County.

WT_RamadaThere is an entrance fee to the park, and the $6 for carload day pass was well worth it.  The park has ample parking, picnic Ramadas, campgrounds, restrooms, and plenty of hiking trails.

The views are spectacular and different trails to accommodate everyone.  The Waterfall trail is wheelchair & stroller friendly.

Everything is is well maintained and clean.  Despite being a gorgeous day to be outside, the entrance fee and location ensure the park is never crowded.



The next time someone tells you to go take a hike, grab your dog and check out White Tanks!

L’Auberge de Sedona

Oak Creek
Oak Creek

Sedona, Arizona is a little town that has made a big splash.  The unique red rocks and perfect weather ensure that Sedona would not be a secret for very long, and sure enough by the 1980’s Sedona hit the big time for tourist destinations.

Do not let this prevent you from a visit, off-peak travel is highly recommended here (skip the high traffic summer season and certain times in the spring).

I started going to Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon years before L’Auberge was built in 1983, but this was my first stay at the luxurious 4 star resort.  We stayed in one of the Garden Cottages just a few feet from the Creek side Cottages and, of course, the creek.

Dogs are allowed, for a small nightly fee, in the Garden Cottages and all around the property.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by a customized treat bag waiting for us in the room. Dog treatL’Auberge is one of the most dog friendly places that I have ever visited!

My recent trip to Manhattan helped to prepare me for the price tag of my stay at L’Auberge in Sedona, Arizona.  This is not a low-cost get-a-way, so be ready to spend a bit of cash.  Even the dump hotels in Sedona are overpriced, so if you are planning to stay in Sedona, spend a tad more and stay at L’Auberge or one of the other luxury resort/hotels.

Garden Cottage
Garden Cottage Room
Garden Cottage Bathroom
Garden Cottage Bathroom

Watching the ducks

The main attraction for me was peace and quiet.  My dog and I walked down by the creek every morning, and sat and watched the ducks play.  Each morning there are assorted pastries and coffee for breakfast in the lobby bar, with a view.

The Ducks

There are areas around the resort for short walks, and great hiking nearby.

It is a short, steep walk up to the 89A highway for shopping, dining, wine tasting, and organized tours.  The resort also offers included shuttle service, which is a life saver in the dark!

My favorite meals on-site at the resort were on the creek side patio.  Offering a great wine selection and delicious menu with a spectacular view.

L’Auberge has a good restaurant on-site, be sure to make reservations ahead of time.  For the value, I prefer the restaurants off-site from the resort.



There is a heated salt water pool and large hot tub in a secluded area next to the day spa.  All along the creek there are quiet spots to kick up your feet and relax.

Overall L’Auberge is a nice relaxing vacation, especially with the dog.  It is the best luxury resort in Sedona and Northern Arizona.

Tempe Town Lake Activities

The temperature is starting to cool off and people around metro-Phoenix can finally venture outside with less fear of catching fire, or at least it feels that hot all summer long here.  Today a friend and I took my dogs out for a walk along Tempe Town Lake, the man-made lake in the middle of bustling University town Tempe.The park around the Lake is home to many festivals and concerts, so be sure to check out upcoming events here.

I prefer to plan my own event at the Lake.  Bring a picnic basket for a fun family activity during the day, or romantic get-a-way in the evening. There are plenty of bike paths,  walkways, shade trees, and benches.  The dogs love to walk around the lake with me.  There are mountain views to the north of the lake and the park is well kept and clean.

The main attraction is the lake, and there are quite a few activities to enjoy on the water.  Today we watched people sailing, kayaking, fishing, and on paddle boards.  There is a boat rental office on the south side of the lake for small boats, hydro bikes, and kayaks.Lake or land, the sunset is worth hanging around to watch.


Bombay Spice

I met a friend for lunch today at Bombay Spice restaurant.  This was not our first visit and there will be many more meals here.

Bombay Spice is Indian Cuisine with an american twist.  They have a dog friendly front patio and intimate indoor seating.  I first sampled their cuisine at Scottsdale Culinary Festival, but never knew the location (Northwest corner of Tatum and Shea, Phoenix).

Lentil Cake
Lentil Cake
Between my friend and I, we are have quite the food allergy list.  Bombay Spice offers vegetarian options and can accommodate any food allergy that you can imagine (gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, corn, yeast, rice, and more).   
The appetizers are big enough to share.  My favorite are the Chickpea Ceviche served cold, and Lentil Cake hot appetizer.   
Chickpea Ceviche
Spinach with Dosa
Chicken Tikka Masala with Dosa and Quinoa






The Tikka Masala is coconut-based for a lighter sauce than the more common yogurt or cream based sauce. They offer white rice, brown rice, or quinoa for many entrees, served with Naan or Dosa.

Chicken Biryani

Indian cuisine, or you want to try a non-curry meal, then try a Biryani containing basmati rice, spinach & vegetables, almonds, and mild spices.  Served with Papadum crisps so my gluten-free friend share part of my meal.

Save room for desert the Mango Sorbet topped with pistachio is not to be missed!  The service is excellent, taking great care of us and the dog in our party.  I am already looking forward to my next visit!

Rice Pudding
Mango Sorbet