Lyndhurst Castle | Fairy Tale Manor in New York

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I love Castles!  Gothic architecture is so enchanting, like a Fairy Tale come to Life.  I was so excited to visit Lyndhurst Mansion in New York state.  Nicknamed Lyndenhurst for the beautiful linden trees on the property, it is formally known as the Jay Gould estate for people without any imagination, named for previous Railroad tycoon owner.  For the rest of us, this country house and surrounding 67 acre park is an American mini-Castle waiting to be explored.

Front view from the road
Front view of the Lyndhurst estate from the road
porch view2

Overlooking the Hudson river, it is easy to forget how close this is to the most populous city in the United States (NYC). During our visit, the entire estate was quiet and serene.

Castle from rear knoll view
Castle from rear knoll view
Sunset over the Hudson
Sunset over the Hudson

I was surprised that my group were the only visitors at the time, since this treasure is free admission to the public and open from dusk until dawn daily.  While the building themselves were locked tight during our visit, we were allowed full access to explore the grounds including the outbuilding and stables.

Lyndhurst Castle stables New York
Lyndhurst Castle stables

There is a running trail along the parameter that would make for a nice romantic stroll and picnic.  The estate has plenty of quiet areas, strategically placed benches, and wonderful little details at every turn.

Porch Bench

Picture perfect porch bench

The gorgeous New York estate is the best of architecture, serenity, and style wrapped up in historical charm.

outbuilding sign
Outbuilding with sign

11 thoughts on “Lyndhurst Castle | Fairy Tale Manor in New York”

  1. Looks like those kind of perfect houses where you could get used to live in very fast 🙂 hahhah!

    I didn’t know that was around the New York state, feels amazing that you can leave “the city that never sleeps” behind to get into fairytaled landscapes and cottage houses/mansions like this one in a few miles!

    So cool!

    1. It is certainly not Windsor castle, but an impressive mansion built by a private person in very expensive part of New York.

  2. I’ve yet to visit a castle! There aren’t any on the west coast in Canada so I’ll have to fly to elsewhere to see one… wouldn’t have guessed this was in New York though! Thought it was somewhere in Europe. So nice you guys got to explore it alone 🙂

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