Remede Spa Review St Regis Bahia Resort, Puerto Rico

Review and what to expect at the Remede Spa at the St Regis Bahia Resort in Puerto Rico. Spend the full day getting spoiled at the spa with me, including lunch and Champagne.

Remede Spa at the St Regis Resort in Puerto Rico

The St. Regis Bahia Resort caught my attention over a year ago during a two week vacation in Puerto Rico.  Now that we are living in Puerto Rico full time, I booked a spa day at Remede Spa at St Regis Bahia resort.


After reviewing the Spa Menu, I decided that I could not decide.  There were so many options, I booked a massage and the customized facial.

St. Regis resorts have a reputation for luxury, and I have been eager to experience this for myself.  My expectations were further elevated after reading about the  St. Regis pool in Doha, read all about it here.  I was not disappointed.

After exiting the highway (PR-3), I drove another 10 minutes on a two lane road to the front entrance of the resort.  I arrived at the St Regis property an hour before my first service appointment.  Guests are greeted at the front entrance gate, where they confirmed my name  and provided easy directions to the spa.

The check-in process was quick, I was introduced to Evelyn, the Ladies attendant.  She not only escorted me on a full tour of the spa, she checked on me throughout the entire day, and was available to accommodate my every request.


Co-ed sitting area near treatment rooms

The changing room/lockers, indoor & outdoor showers, whirlpool, cold plunge pool, sauna, steam room, and refreshment stations are gender separated.  Only the treatment rooms and a few sitting areas near this fountain are co-ed.


I changed into my robe and took an invigorating dip in the 50 degrees F (10 C) cold plunge pool to wake up my senses .

Cold Plunge Pool with waterfall
Cold Plunge Pool with waterfall

I found my happy place in the Whirlpool and enjoyed the 102 degree F (38 C) water before my first appointment.


Massage Treatment room at Remede Spa

Massage Treatment room at Remede Spa

Before my massage, we discussed specific concerns, preferences, and essential oils/scents to be used.  Over the next hour, all of my problem spots were addressed and hot stones incorporated for a few large knots.  My therapist was excellent and provided deep tissue pressure as needed, and overall therapeutic massage leaving me relaxed and composed.

Relaxation Area


I walked back to the ladies refreshment area to be greeted by a cold glass of Champagne from Evelyn, plus a time check for my next treatment.  The complimentary Champagne was a wonderful surprise.  And time enough between treatments to quietly sip my fizzy beverage.

My aesthetician preparing for my customized treatment

Honestly, since moving from a hot, dry desert climate to the tropics, my skin care routine is completely turned upside down.  I wanted guidance to establish a new, tropical beauty routine.  I discussed all this and more with my aesthetician.  I explained my concerns and desired goals for the facial.  She asked me a few questions while analyzing my skin, then explained her customized treatment for me.  I agreed with her plan of attack, and started the facial.  While various masks and creams soaked into my face, I received a paraffin wax treatment & massage for my hands, foot rub, and neck & scalp massage.  Already relaxed from my massage and Champagne, I spent the hour facial in a pleasant, dreamy state.

Dining at the Spa


I slowly walked back to the ladies relaxation area, ready for my lunch of Caesar salad with grilled shrimp, from the spa lunch menu.  It was delicious and filing, with two kinds of bread.  The asparagus was a delightful addition to my salad.

After lunch, I alternated between the refreshing cold plunge, sauna, and the whirlpool, before finally ending my day with a refreshing shower and heading back to the real world.

Chilled towels and water available outside the sauna.
Chilled towels and water available outside the sauna.

Spa Review Recap

Overall, the service was excellent.  The spa grounds are gorgeous, and the little details are what really made my visit exceptional.  Each service was precisely what I wanted.

Remede Spa at the St Regis Bahia Resort in Puerto Rico is a decadent experience that I hope to make a regular habit.  I am looking forward to many more spa days at Remede!

No special consideration was given to me other than being a paying guest at this property.

20 thoughts on “Remede Spa Review St Regis Bahia Resort, Puerto Rico”

  1. What a lovely experience you had! I have only been to one or two spas and I love it every time. It’s so nice to pamper yourself. And I can understand having difficulties deciding but you can’t go wrong with a massage!

  2. Your entire experience sounds wonderfully customized. I realized I prefer the masseuse inquiring about my needs vs a generalized massage. Also, a glass of bubbly sounds perfect right now!

  3. I do love to be pampered and do love to stay at a place of luxury and I’ve stayed in a few places like that, but never at a St. Regis or ever gotten the spa treatment; though, my wife has been complaining for some time now to get her a package. 🙂 Looks like your move to PR was the right one, eh? I’m getting sick of the cold weather over here in the PNW. I might join you soon… very soon hahaha

  4. Spa visits for us are few and far in between. We like the pampering for sure but somehow the charm has always escaped us. However the few honest reviews we’ve had a chance to read over the past few weeks – including this one, makes us feel we’ve been to the wrong places maybe and need to give it a more concerted effort in finding one which is really good and make us a convert 😛

  5. This looks absolutely fantastic! I’ve only been to a spa once, but I feel like I definitely need to do more of this. The whirlpool looks awesome and I’m all about champagne! Your caesar salad looks amazing too! I’ve never had one with shrimp before! Sounds yummy!

    1. Of course! The Men have their own side of the spa for lockers, showers, pools, and refreshments. All of the treatment rooms and an entire area is co-ed. Lots of couples go to the spa together, couples massages are great.

  6. This looks like an incredible place and I enjoyed reading about your experience at this spa. I liked how Evelyn treated you to a nice glass of champagne! The spa looks super private and professional. I would love to get a facial sometime soon. What is the best facial for a tropical climate?

  7. Lovely hotel. I liked the shower more than the pool 😀 . The massage room looks quite cosy . I like the way your therapist gave you a customized treatment. That is what makes all the difference. 🙂

  8. St. Regis has always been known for great hospitality. There is one in Bangkok too but never stayed there or tried their facilities. I usually go there for Zuma restaurant.

    But this looks like a different story altogether. What a getaway it must have been.

  9. This looks like a wonderfully relaxing and pampering day at the Spa. The food is deliciously healthy too! It is good to treat yourself now and then.

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