Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Resort Miami, Florida

Lapis Spa is a tropical wonderland of spa goodness located in the Fontainebleau resort in Miami, Florida.  This adults only (18 years and over) luxury spa is exactly what I needed recently.  Lapis spa has been on my spa wish list for awhile, so when I unexpectedly ended up in Miami, it was too good to pass up.  Much to my delight, I was able to reserve a same day Saturday appointment.Lapis Spa Fontainebleau resortI really needed spa time so I gave myself a quick tour, taking a few photos and videos, then I got down to the business of relaxing.

The spa is gorgeous!  The spa is located entirely inside, with large windows for natural light and palm trees in view. 

The Ladies only area includes the lockers, showers, refreshments, multiple relaxation rooms, whirlpools, sauna, steam room, and rain tunnel.

Lapis Spa Amenities at Fontainebleau resort Miami, Florida
Lapis Spa Amenities

I was not impressed with the rain tunnel, until I walked through to access the steam room.  Warm water rains down in gentle pressure as you walk through, or just stand and enjoy the utter perfection of the experience.  I closed my eyes and lost myself for a moment in the sound of the rainfall and the absolute simplicity of the experience.

The enormous mineral pool is four feet deep with a bench on one side with back jets. Several couples relaxed in this wonderful co-ed experience.  The pool is slightly warmed, yet refreshing.  The photo simply does not do justice to the beauty of the mineral pool.

Lapis Spa Mineral Pool at Fontainebleau resort Miami, Florida
Lapis Spa Mineral Pool

The spa was filled with cozy couples in the mineral pool, groups of ladies enjoying the perfect weekend retreat, and plenty of road weary singles like me.  It was easy to find a quiet spot all to myself to rest and relax during my visit.  Spa attendants replenished towels, refreshments, and there was a quiet energy of constant upkeep as if they suddenly knew when a dirty towel was left and it was whisked away seconds later.


I reserved the 80 minute Triple Cleanse Facial.  I made the tough decision to only book one treatment and enjoy the facilities due to my limited time.  My next visit, I will plan for at least a half day at the spa for multiple services and enjoy the full indoor facilities as well as more beach time.

Lapis Spa Facial Treatment Room at Fontainebleau resort Miami, Florida
Lapis Spa Facial Treatment Room

The treatment was excellent.  A brief conversation on my normal routine and the recent stress was the only conversation needed.  The bags under my eyes and dehydrated skin provided more details on my facial needs than any words could convey.  The table was adjusted for ultimate comfort as the steam went to work on opening my pores and beginning the treatment.

During the facial, a thick moisturizing mask was applied and I enjoyed the added bonus of foot and hand massage while it worked its magic and turned from liquid to solid and finally peeled away. At the end, I felt rejuvenated and my skin was glowing.  The bags under my eyes were gone, and the deep lines of worry were erased from my face.

Outdoor pools and beach access

Access to the outdoor pools, bars, and beach are included for spa guests.  The spa bracelet provided at check in allowed me to walk past the security to the pools and white sand of Miami beach.  I enjoyed a post-treatment walk alone along the beach boardwalk just before sunset.

Fontainebleau resort beach boardwalk
Fontainebleau resort beach boardwalk

I missed out on spending any real time in the outdoor pools, or even a drink in the poolside bars due to my compressed time schedule.  However, the anxiety that followed me into the spa, was left at the bottom of the rain tunnel, and blown away by the gentle breeze from the beach.

Fontainebleau resort pools
Fontainebleau resort pools with view out to the Atlantic Ocean

Overall, my biggest regret is that I did not have enough time to really enjoy all of the amenities and services offered at Lapis Spa.

Lapis Spa Fontainebleau Resort Miami FloridaDisclaimer: I was given no special treatment other than being a paying guest at this Spa.

16 thoughts on “Lapis Spa at Fontainebleau Resort Miami, Florida”

  1. Its really relaxing place to visit with my wife.I would definitely plan my coming vacation to this place for some enjoy and peace.Pictures are so good that it makes me visit here once.Thanks for the post.Keep sharing.

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  3. The spa looks sooo tempting. I’d love to just get pampered here. An exclusive ladies area??? That’s all the more tempting. Good to know that its all indoor. Through a rain tunnel to a steam room? That sounds like the ancient greek spas!!!

  4. Rain tunnel sounds amazing! The Lapis Spa has to be the most extensive spa I’ve ever seen. So many different components, I love the idea of a mineral pool. Plus outdoor pool and beach included? Count me in.

  5. This is such a relaxing break. I am sure it left you rejuvenated. It’s good to know that it is Adults only. What makes it exciting is that it is close to the beach. What’s not to love?

  6. You had me at Spa 🙂 This sounds and looks like such a great Spa That outdoor Fontainebleau resort pools with view out to the Atlantic Ocean is amazing too and it is ashame that you were compressed for time. It is a good excuses to go back and visit again

  7. After traveling whole day as an avid traveler, I really look for soothing and relaxing spa treatments. Lapis spa suggested by you looks unique as it has Rain tunnel and mineral pool. It is very good that spa guests are entitled to use outside pool and beach as after massage therapy lying on beach must be so relaxing and peaceful.

  8. This looks like such a fun way to recharge while traveling! I LOVE spas, but usually don’t have an opportunity to indulge while on trips. If we make it to Florida, I will have to check this out. Especially that rain tunnel!

  9. You had me at Rain Tunnel. I know you weren’t impressed with it at first, and changed your mind later, but just he very thought of it sounds so soothing. I’m not personally huge on Spas but make it a point that around the end of the vacation go to one just to get fresh again from all the lounging around. Plus the idea of being pampered and having someone give a massage or just enjoy the various amenities, is always relaxing… even thinking about it.

  10. I’m a huge spa fan so this post is just my thing! I was about to say the rain tunnel sounds amazing, and I’m glad you enjoyed it in the end. Your treatment sounded like a wonder; no eye bags after?! I need to find a similar treatment nearer to me.

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