Experience the Condado Vanderbilt Spa in Puerto Rico

Luxury spa experience with ocean view in the upscale neighborhood of Condado, Puerto Rico.

I love the complete escape that I experience enclosed in happy spa time.  My mind and body relaxes as I prepare for a wellness treatment to sooth my aches, address specific skin concerns (the main concern is that I am getting old), and enjoy a treatment for both mind and body.  A good friend suggested, “hey let’s try the Spa at the Condado Vanderbilt” which kicked  off a relaxing day in Condado for food, shopping, afternoon cocktails, and finish our day at the spa.

Condado Vanderbilt Patio with Ocean view

Condado is a neighborhood of San Juan, Puerto Rico  known for shopping and fantastic food.  After a little retail therapy in the shops across the street, we returned to the hotel to watch the ocean from the Vanderbilt lounge while sipping delightful rum drinks. 

The spa recommends check-in at least 30 minutes prior to service.  Since this was our first visit, we checked into the spa an hour before service.  This allowed us plenty of time to change into robes, tour the spa, visit the steam room, quick stop in the sauna, and enjoy a refreshing beverage in the stillness room before treatment.  I even had time to record a short video while my spa buddy took a quick nap before our appointments.

Condado Vanderbilt Spa Stillness room snacks and beverages


A monthly tradition for the last couple decades, I was due for a facial.  I booked the 80 minute Vanderbilt Signature facial.  Starting with a light cleaning and steam, I opted for extractions on my nose and t-zone.  Between mask and cleansing, I received a massage for neck, shoulder, scalp, arms, and hands.  As someone who types and spend many hours a day in front of my computer, the hand and arm massage are a therapeutic bonus for any treatment, especially a facial!  The service was excellent and my face was glowing as I left the room.  The real sign of a quality facial?  The next day, my skin looked healthy and even better than the week prior (maybe I need facials more often than every month?).

Condado Vanderbilt Spa Facial room

Hammam Turkish Bath

After my facial, I was given a quick tour of the Hammam.  It is a marble room for massage in the style of a Turkish Bath.  The Condado Vanderbilt Spa is the only location in Puerto Rico for guests to experience the Hammam ritual.  The Hammam room is entirely made of marble, including the heated marble table.  The treatment includes olive oil soap, exfoliation, and a hydro-therapy rinse.  I know what treatment that I will be booking for my next visit – Hammam, anyone?


My spa buddy tried the 80 minute massage and enthusiastically states this was the best massage of her life!  We compared experiences over another beverage in the stillness room before heading out to the spa terrace.  Massages are offered on the spa terrace, as well as more seating and an outdoor shower.  I will certainly request the poolside massage on the terrace for future visits.

While the overall ambiance is luxurious, there are a couple small changes that I recommend.

Room for Improvement

  • New robes: Replace the plain robes with a higher quality, soft, luxury robes with embroidery and pockets.  The current plain, white robes seem out of place compared to the quality of the spa overall.
  • Pool Access: The hotel pools are only available for hotel guests.  Unless you are staying as a hotel guest, spa patrons are not allowed to access the hotel pools.  The Spa itself does not have a separate pool, or hot tub.  To encourage more non-guest spa goers, I would issue a hotel pool day pass for spa guests.  Or at least, off a pool day pass at a nominal fee for guests of the spa.

Overall, the service and actual treatments are fantastic!  With only a couple minor criticisms, this Spa experience could be truly decadent.

29 thoughts on “Experience the Condado Vanderbilt Spa in Puerto Rico”

  1. I need all of this…right now! The spa, Puerto Rico, the whole nine! All of these services sound so incredible and the perfect way to spend a relaxing day.

  2. A facial every month would be a dream! But everything about this experience sounds amazing too. I mean, the pre-treatment stuff is better than the nothing that I do. Ok, I try to get 1-2 massages a year, but with only having 1 facial in my life and never a spa day, this makes me want to go and pamper myself!

  3. This looks so luxurious! I’ve never had a formal spa day but everyone could use a little R&R, especially in their travels.

  4. Oh this spa sounds really nice. That’s a great tip in arriving really early. I tend to arrive just on time and have to cut into my service. I’d probably aim for an hour early!

  5. I loved the time I spent in the Condado area of San Juan. Perfect place for a beach getaway. I do wish I’d heard about this spa before my trip. It sounds like the perfect place to lay back and relax. Glad you got there early and had a chance to really enjoy the place.

  6. Not a spa person for various reasons. However we often feel the need to be pampered sometimes before a holiday and sometimes after one 🙂 This post might just be a trigger for us to try our hand at it. We’ll start with the local ones and try the Condado Vanderbilt Spa when we’re in Puerto Rico 🙂

  7. It’s interesting to see what you girls get up to on your spa days! As a guy I’d prefer a round of golf which takes the same amount of time! Although after seeing what you get up to in there I am a little tempted to experience it!

    1. There were plenty of men in the stillness room waiting for their appointments. The locker rooms are gender specific, but the men have comparable lockers, showers, steam room, and saunas. You should try a massage after exercise, it is wonderful to sooth the aches and pains.

  8. I loved reading your post — if I can’t get a massage now, at least I am starting to relax by looking at your pictures. 🙂 I’ve stayed in Puerto Rico once before, but hoped to go back, and will definitely add on a spa treatment. Thanks for the tip about how it’s the only location in Puerto Rico for guests to experience the Hammam ritual! I also appreciate your honesty about what could be improved; now I have realistic expectations going into it. Thanks!

  9. Ah, that sounds like such a lovely and relaxing day. I haven’t had a spa day in far too long then I would like to admit. Your post has made me want to change that asap. Not being able to use the pool is so strange!

  10. This looks and sounds like such a luxurious experience! I love the sound of the heated marble table. Sounds super posh! It does seem a bit silly that you can’t access the pools as a “regular” spa visitor mind. They’re definitely missing a trick there!

  11. What a luxurious and fun way to spend the day! I absolutely love spa days, although my budget doesn’t allow for as many as I would like. The Hammam ritual sounds incredible and you will have to tell us if you go. Also I like your feedback – good robes are always a nice touch.

  12. Like that this review is very balanced and you give constructive areas for improvement. Yes, a dip in the pool would be nice! Awesome that the positive skin effects stuck with you after the facial though- I would love to wake up feeling really fresh!

  13. Sounds like a fabulous experience! Now I’m thinking I gotta get back to Puerto Rico. And good call on the bathrobes and pool pass… those seem like no-brainers for an upscale spa.

  14. You have just reminded me how much I could do with a spa day right now! I’ve only been on the road a few weeks but I could really do with some pampering. This place looks great. Totally agree with you about the pool that would be a really good idea to issue a day pass.

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