Paris on My Mind – Photo Retrospective

In light of the recent attacks, Paris is on my mind. Join me in the way-back machine of film photos and pre-EURO currency.

Paris 1998
Paris 1998

My first trip to Paris was in October 1998.

Booking a hotel was completed by calling a travel agent.

My pathetic high school French immediately gave me away as American, but everyone that I encountered was warm and friendly.  

My friend and I flew into Charles de Gaulle for a long weekend.  Our hotel was near the airport which required a train trip each day into the city for sightseeing. The travel agent that I booked accommodations through simply had no clue where to stay and neither of us bothered to check a map.

Paris tourism tickets from 1998

The currency was the French franc (pre-Euro), no one had mobile phones, and paper maps provided directions to each of our destinations.  I spent a full day at the Louve and finished the day with an evening view from the top of the Eiffel Tower.  I was hooked on Paris and crammed as many other attractions into the next day as possible before leaving.

Place de la Concorde 2001
Place de la Concorde 2001

In the years since, I have gone back to Paris several more times, usually by myself (sans selfie stick resulting in few photos). In May 2001, during our European vacation, my Mother and I spent a week in Paris.

The Louvre 2001

The Louvre 2001

Along with the top tourist destinations, we toured the Paris Opera house (Palais Garnier) and explored the famous fountains and gardens (Jardin des Tuilleries) around the city.  By this time, the currency was Euro, I knew to take the train in from London, and our hotel was in the city near the train station.  We still relied on paper maps, and we selected restaurants by delicious smells as we walked by.

Jardin des Tuileries 2001
Jardin des Tuileries 2001

I recall brighter skies than the film camera captured. No Photoshop, the flowers were bold and bright colors.

2001_Paris Bridge
Pont Neuf bridge 2001

A brighter, sunny, spring day in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe 2001

Asking a fellow tourist for a photo often resulted in a single blurry image. Only discovered weeks later, when the film was developed to prints.


More recent visits have included internet booked hotels & train, mobile phone with international texting, and the same warm and friendly people of Paris.

Many years have passed since my last visit, and I find that today, Paris is on my mind.

2001 Notre Dame de Paris
Notre Dame de Paris 2001

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