Moving and Shipping items to Puerto Rico

Moving Guide and resources to efficiently ship items to Puerto Rico, including artwork, antiquities, and vehicles.
Best Shipping Options for Puerto Rico; Auto transport, Furniture & household goods, Business moves, Island wide moving services, and online shipping options.

There is no shortage of reasons to move to Puerto Rico, whether it’s the year-round beach lifestyle, the vibrant Hispanic culture, or the many tax incentives the Puerto Rican government offers. However, to reap the benefits of a life in Puerto Rico, you have to wade through a myriad of bureaucratic procedures, and moving your belongings to Puerto Rico—particularly the big ones, like furniture—can be quite the undertaking. Of course, you could also just sell your possessions and buy new ones in Puerto Rico, but if you’re not ready to part with the relics of your old life, you’ll have to hit up the transportation companies.

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