I Forgot to Cash Out My Slot Machine Winning Voucher

Last year I went to Las Vegas. I normally play at the tables and a little bit of slot machine gambling.  On my way back to the airport I found at $58 slot machine voucher for Treasure Island.  No worries, I love Vegas and I will be back.

Well, that may have taken a bit longer than what I planned. Or did not plan, more accurately.

I still had the voucher 18 months later.  Opps.  

I had not gone back to Las Vegas.  Until now.  I tried using my voucher in a slot machine at TI, and the message on the screen informed me to see a cashier.  I took my voucher to the cashier and she manually entered the ticket number in her system, but it was not found.  The cashier assured me, this happens all of the time, not just at TI, but at all of the casinos.

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Las Vegas 101 (The Basics) | Newbie Guide to Sin City

First trip to Las Vegas?  Or, has it been awhile since your last visit?  Here are a few tips and basic suggestions to help ensure your visit is enjoyable and FUN!

When to Visit Las Vegas

Determine what kind of vacation you are looking for before you book your trip.  If you are looking for a wild time to party and are willing to pay top dollar, then New Year’s Eve, any week in March for Spring Break, Fourth of July, Memorial day weekend, and Labor day weekend are the best.  The long-weekend exception is Thanksgiving, since most people want to eat turkey at home with the family, Vegas is less expensive, less crowded, fewer families, and super fun.  

If you are like me, and you would rather a better value for your accommodations & prefer to avoid the crowds and lines, then I suggest weekday visits, off-season (when kids are in school, both college kids and younger kids since some families insist on bringing children to the city of SIN).  Double-check for large conventions in town during your visit.  It is probably better to avoid the Vegas Porn convention if you do want to bring your children, or parents for that matter!

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