Hurricane Irma Impact in Puerto Rico

By now, most people know that Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 Hurricane and the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean.  Geography buffs also know that the Caribbean Sea and Caribbean Islands are considered part of the Atlantic Ocean.  We live in Puerto Rico, in the Caribbean, in the Atlantic Ocean, where this monster hurricane passed through leaving massive devastation in her wake.

Here is the real impact of Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Irma eye over BVI
Hurricane Irma eye over BVI

We are lucky.  Puerto Rico is lucky.  Hurricane Irma passed to the north of our island, slapping our little island of Culebra along the way.  Electricity went out throughout the island hours before Irma passed by.  Many areas of the island were without water for days, and more are still without electricity (5 days and counting).  But our buildings are still standing, and we are alive.  We are lucky.

Right now in the Caribbean, lucky means that you have a solid roof over your head, food, clean water, and you and your neighbors are safe.

Lucky means that we are able to coordinate relief efforts to the islands that are not lucky, those islands hit by the full force of the Irma and her devastation.  All weekend, we have been collecting supplies at local drop points.  Everywhere around the island, collection points are forming to provide immediate relief.  Arranging with private boat owners and small boat charter companies to transport those much needed supplies to our storm ravaged neighbors.  Evacuations are started.  Trading supplies for passengers, starting with people injured in the storm.  In the same breath, Puerto Rico has said “We are lucky. Now it is time to help our neighbors.”

Filling Hurricane Irma Supply Container
Filling Hurricane Irma Supply Container

I am surrounded by people, willing to run into a storm flattened post-apocalypse area bringing supplies and rescuing people.  Puerto Ricans are genuinely kind, caring, wonderful people.  Add natural disaster, and Puerto Ricans become super heroes.  This goes beyond luck, we are Puerto Rican!

Hurricane Irma Impact in Puerto RicoDo you want to help?  Start local for the most immediate impact in your community!

Here is a great list from Women Who Live on Rocks of how you can help in the Caribbean from afar.

23 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma Impact in Puerto Rico”

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    1. We are okay. The island as a whole is really suffering after Maria. It is going to be a long, painful process to repair.

  2. I have never been stuck into such a situation, but I can only imagine, the kind of agony and pain the victims of the disaster must be feeling. It is these disasters, where, the good and helpful part of the human nature comes out the brightest. And the nest part is the human spirit ! No matter what happens, gather the courage and keep moving forward !

  3. I have been reading the news about after impacts of Irma and it’s really saddening how it destroyed few Islands and parts of Florida. Sending lots of Love and Prayers from west coast

    1. Florida was hit pretty hard, and yet still in far better shape than the Caribbean islands. It will take awhile to cleanup to begin the rebuilding process.

  4. I am glad to hear that Puerto Rico didn’t suffer too much from the wrath of Irma. It’s really terrible what happened to islands like St. Martin/St. Maarten and Florida. People in Trinidad and Tobago are trying to help out as much as they can.

  5. It was devastating to see the extent of the damage on the news. You are lucky indeed that Puerto Rico wasn’t hit as badly as the other Caribbean Islands. Thanks for sharing the link! It is good to know that in some way we can help out those affected.

  6. I’ve been watching the news, and it’s so horrifying and sad to see the devastation. I hope you and your family/friends are safe. Hoping that you all receive aid and help!

    1. As you can read in my article, yes we are safe in Puerto Rico, and we are sending aid to the other islands that are devastated.

  7. It is so heartbreaking to see the destruction these hurricanes have caused, but it’s good to see the kindness and graciousness of other she coming together for a greater good. I’m located in Georgia so luckily we didn’t get it too bad.

  8. Good to know that you’re safe! Reminds me of the devastating floods we had a year back in Chennai and when our neighbouring states came forward to help, not only with cash and kind but also physical labour! Its heartening to see fellow humans run to us to help us when we’re in dire emergency and need. Humanity still lives!!! Take care Jen…

  9. Oh my this is so disheartening! I have been reading about the after effects of the Hurricane Irma daily and it is so sad that natures wrath has destroyed so much. Good to read about everyone in Puerto Rico are coming forward to help one another. Praying for everyone afftected by Hurricane.

  10. This is heartbreaking; I am so sorry that so many people are affected by Irma. I feel so privileged to live somewhere where we are just lucky with the weather, seeing the hurricane is like watching an awful film. Thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

    1. People with running water and power are sharing with those that are still without. It is really a wonderful community effort here.

  11. Thank you for sharing this with us! It is great to know that the community in Puerto Rico is so willing to help their island neighbors. It is a scary time with these natural disasters. I am sharing on Twitter.

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