Arizona Renaissance Festival | Beginners Guide and Frugal Tips

Step back in time and into a world of fantasy at the Arizona Renaissance Festival, full of Knights, Royalty, Mermaids, Pirates, Gypsies, and more.  

Romance, adventure, and entertainment set in a Renaissance period fantasy world full of fun in the beautiful desert of Arizona.Let your imagination run wild in this family friendly excursion back in time!


The festival operates every weekend in February and March, President’s day and a few select school days.  The base ticket price includes entrance to the festival grounds, ample parking, petting zoo, and all shows, including the joust.

Don Juan & Miguel, Zilch the Torysteller

Helpful Information for your visit:

  • Remember to wear sunblock and drink plenty of water. This outdoor festival can get hot and there is plenty of walking around (not always under shade).
  • Bring cash – The show performers work off cash tips and sell show related merchandise/souvenirs at the end of each show.
  • There are safety/security personnel walking the grounds wearing bright yellow shirts carrying yellow flags, they are there to assist you.
  • The First Aid station is near the Entrance, and just behind the knife and axe throw (coincidence?).
  • The restroom toilets are called Privys.
  • The hand stamp at the exit allows for unlimited re-entry during the day.
  • Shows marked as (LC) are for Loose Cannon, and most are really not appropriate for small children that will repeat the darnedest things.
  • Many people wear costumes; cast, shop & booth workers, and Playtrons (guests enjoying the faire like you, but in costumes). It is a safe bet that anyone in a costume can provide directions, or at least tell you where you are.
London Broil Show – comedy and juggling together at last!
Jamila Lotus Belly Dance
Pirate’s Assault Catapult – worth every penny to jump and tumble in the air above the Faire grounds

Want to Dress up without paying a King’s Ransom?  Check out this Beginner’s Guide on What to Wear at Renaissance Festival on Peasant’s Wages.

Some Frugal Tips:

  • Bring a ice chest of snacks and drinks in your car for a frugal mid-day break, and end of day refreshment for the drive home. One sealed bottle of water (up to 24 ounce) is allowed per person upon each entry.
  • Limit the games and rides. This may be a great teaching opportunity for children, set a game & ride budget, walk the entire grounds, then decide on the favorite ride(s) & games.
  • Bring cash and avoid ATM fees at the faire grounds.
  • Check for coupon discounts (Opening weekend, President’s Day)
  • Bring your own stroller, wagon, or carts for kids; Stroller rental is expensive. There is plenty of stroller parking for shows and events like the Joust.
  • Load up on the comedy shows! Each of these performances are included in the price of admission (bring a few bucks to tip the entertainers).
Hey Nunnie Nunnie - Family fun at the Renaissance Festival
Hey Nunnie Nunnie will have you praying for more!

21 thoughts on “Arizona Renaissance Festival | Beginners Guide and Frugal Tips”

  1. Looks like such a fun festival. I would love to check it out one day. Btw great practical tips – Infact, I almost always carry my sunblock and a bottle of water plus wear comfy shoes for walking – you never know , right?

  2. This looks like a blast, and I had no idea there was an Arizona Renaissance Festival. I’d love to see a joust, for sure and the juggling fire show (and probably most of the shows!). At first I was surprised at the mermaid element, but after seeing the pics, it oddly makes sense. Now I just want to see it all!

  3. What fun! I remember having a mock Renaissance Festival when I was in middle school but I’m SURE a real one would be awesome. I did like eating a big hunk of meat without a fork and knife haha.

  4. I have never heard of this festival and it sounds like so much fun! Great tip about bringing cash because a lot of people don’t carry cash with them anymore. I know I don’t. And I would hate to have to pay for the ATM fees 🙁

  5. Omg this totally sounds like such a fun day out!!! I have always wanted to visit a Renaissance style festival. Love the costumes…and the food options must be interesting. Good to know that it’s best to bring lots of cash as the food booths only take this.

  6. Oh this festival seems like so much fun. That’s a really good tip about wearing sunblock and drinking a lot of water. That’s not something I would generally think about when going to a renaissance festival.

  7. LOL! I love that you pointed out that the first aid is right behind the knife throwing. We have such festivals in Texas, too and they are amazing. Fun experiences for kids, too, when studying this time in history. Fantastic fun for the whole family. Great tips!!

    1. The Texas Renaissance Festival is supposed to be great! I will definitely need to go out to see for myself and compare to Arizona.

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