Why I Blog

I have been a bit lazy about posts lately.  Several times I have thought that I need to write something to stay current.  And from that statement, I remember that is not why I write this and my other blog.
I originally started writing 2MorrowsDress.com blog for therapeutic reasons.  After closing my retail dress store I felt relieved and a bit empty inside (not just my back account).  I poured my heart & soul into my business.  I learned I can push myself farther than I ever thought.  I learned that I love working for myself.  And I learned so many valuable lessons about life and business.
Sure, I could have started a personal journal as my creative outlet.  But there was actual content that I wanted to share with others.  Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but so many life lessons require more than just a picture book so I skip Instagram.  Perhaps I am old fashioned, Twitter makes my head hurt.  I like to write.  I like to communicate information, thoughts, and express my feelings.  Writing is an undervalued communication tool.  Regular blog posts keep my skills active and sharp.
A friend recently asked me to dig up a post from two years ago.  She remembered the article and wanted to share, as it so perfectly fit a situation in her life.  I was flattered that the article stuck with her for so long, and it still contained pertinent information.  This is why I write and share on multiple blogs.  I started JenThereDoneThat.com after a road trip with my Sister, discussing all of the out of the way, fun and interesting activities in my life and wanting to share those, too.
So, I am back.  Maybe you missed me.  Maybe this is the first post you have ever read from me.  Keep reading, there are many previous posts and there will be many more. I hope you like them.