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The idea for this blog originates while my Sister and I were lounging by the pool at Tucson’s Arizona Inn. Discussions turned to the “what are some fun activities around here?” from several Canadian families visiting, as well as the pool staff who were new to Arizona. We mentioned some of our favorite sights and activities for the area, which grew into all of the cool things “off the beaten path” in the Wild West! My Sister and I started a short list of things close by, and as we relaxed our definition of “close by” the list grew to several pages long. Several months have passed and the list just keeps growing.

It is only appropriate that I start off with Arizona Inn, where the spark began! Arizona Inn is a gem hidden away in the heart of Tucson, Arizona just minutes away from University of Arizona.

Arizona Inn interior room

The 1930’s resort has a vintage Hollywood style from the immaculate grounds for croquet to the classic swimming pool. The casita-style rooms have a simple charm for the ultimate relaxing vacation. Many of the rooms have a private patio for total seclusion.

Arizona Inn hotel room Patio
Arizona Inn hotel room Patio

This little hide-away is perfect for a mid-week break, or to celebrate that special anniversary.  Room rates are reduced in summer for a great price and tons of seclusion!  Any time of year, Arizona Inn is wonderful.

Arizona Inn Pool

 During Summer, the Inn provides an Ice Cream Sundae bar pool side. They offer a variety of flavors, hot fudge & syrups, nuts, sprinkles, and a wide assortment of toppings. There is nothing more decadent than eating a custom made Ice Cream concoction by the pool!

Lovely Summer day at the Arizona Inn Boutique Hotel of Tucson, Arizona
Arizona Inn

11 thoughts on “Arizona Inn | Tucson’s Best Boutique Hotel”

  1. I love that the individual rooms have its own private patio! I could totally see myself relaxing on the patio outside my room or lounging by the pool all day. Definitely would consider staying here – thanks for sharing the great find!

  2. What a lovely little getaway! I particularly like the idea of a ice cream sundae bar and enjoying one as I take in all the rays and relax. Arizona is a lovely state that I have had the privilege to visit – mainly for Grand Canyon, but I was able to take in much of its community as well. I will consider this inn next time I go!

  3. I like the vintage style of the hotel and the fact that they have an ice cream bar by the pool. I mean, what’s better than an ice cream by the pool in a hot summer Arizonian day? The private patios are a nice add-on as well, for when you just want to relax and not be disturbed.

  4. This hotel sounds like the perfect place to visit just for the ice cream sundaes by the pool. I can imagine in America how delicious the ice cream is! It would have been great to see a picture of the selection of toppings, I’d definately start with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge !

  5. Arizona is one of my favorite states to visit. it is so true that it is a year round destination. Summer can definitely be hot though so the ice cream bar at the Arizona Inn would be perfect.

  6. I have a friend who lives in Arizona and this would be a great place for me to stay! I love boutique hotels and this one looks so chic and clean and inviting. Love the patio, as long as it’s not too hot out and there are no scorpions.

  7. Sun, fun, ice-cream? That does sound like a day spent in heaven! !We always travel with the kids and I know this would be an easy sell!

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