Ponce Food Truck Fest Monthly Event

Are you traveling to Puerto Rico?  Thinking about it?  Do you like food?  Do you like Free Entertainment?  If you answered YES to at least one (of course you did), then I have an event for you!

Every month the city of Ponce, on the Southern coast of Puerto Rico, host a huge Food Truck Festival!  There are musicians, performers, and entertainment, children’s play area, great people watching, and FOOD!

Food Truck Festival Children's area
Food Truck Festival Children’s area

The event is held in a local park (Parque Dora Colon Clavell) in the heart of Ponce, just off of the the 52 highway.  The streets directly around the park are closed to vehicle traffic, and cars are directed to nearby parking, then just follow the music to the event.  It is well organized and safe. FTF_Busy Trucks

Food trucks from all over the Island come down to Ponce for this monthly Festival. There is traditional Puerto Rican food and drinks, pizza, burgers, fusion, noodles, and more!  We ordered small plates from several vendors, each dish was delicious!  Two adults (us) spent $21 total on food!  FTF_seating

We spent more money on drinks, which I blame on the Verve Cliquot Champagne air stream trailer and the fresh made Pina Colada stand.

Verve Cliquot Champagne air stream trailer
Verve Cliquot Champagne air stream trailer
Pina Colada stand
Pina Colada stand

Between food orders we watched several different entertainers of aerial acrobats, dancers, and musicians.  There is a small selection of local vendors in the inner circle, plenty of places to sit and watch the entertainment and eat the food.


PonceFTFCome hungry and enjoy the variety of cuisine at the Ponce Food Truck Festival.

Upcoming dates and food truck information is posted to Facebook.



25 thoughts on “Ponce Food Truck Fest Monthly Event”

  1. Oooh, I do love food trucks! This looks like a pretty awesome festival and it combines travel with food, what could be better?! On a side note, I’ve never been to a food truck festival. May have to mark this on my calendar.

  2. Food trucks are a fave for me. I’ve never been to Puerto Rico but this seems right up my alley! Would be great to plan a trip there in time with this.

  3. Food truck festival! Wow. A friend of mine, here in Bombay, dreams of opening a food trunk one day (he’s currently a Director of a multi-national multi-million dollar company). I know he will love reading about this. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. There were so many kid friendly activities, parents and kids had a great time. This is a great event for families!

  4. Whenever I hear Puerto Rico, I can feel the livelness and Good vibes of this country! You spent too much on Alcohols, hahaha the same with me, whenever I travel I drink a lot ahahha. Hopefully, I can see PR someday 🙂

  5. You had me at Pina coladas!!! I had no idea puerto rico had food trucks! I’m a huge food junkie, and I know I would be in heaven if I visited! What was your favorite thing you ate there?

    1. The stuffed empanadas were amazing! They paired perfectly with the pina coladas. Food Trucks are really popular here in PR, and street food is not to be missed!

  6. Who doesn’t like a great food festival? Me and Tom went to a great foodie festival in New Orleans – the French Quarter Festival. It’s the city’s largest free festival. I’ll definitely be heading here if I make it to Puerto Rico.

    1. Yes! The food in the French Quarter is definitely worth the trip! Foodie festivals are such a great way to experience great local cuisine.

  7. I am definitely planning to go to Puerto Rico at some point, and I think this would be a great event to attend, lots to see and lots of good food to try out. Two adults and $20 dollars on food? An awesome deal.

    1. There are tons of Food Truck Festivals! I stumbled upon a big food truck event at the Art Museum in San Juan a few weeks ago! The monthly event in Ponce is huge and worth the visit.

  8. It’s on my tip to do list to go at some stage to Puerto Rico. Thanks so much for sharing this. I didn’t know that they have a food truck festival there. I am in love with pina coladas so this truck would be the one I would love to go to 🙂 thanks for the information so we know what time is the best to check it out 😉

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