Proven Strategies for Weight Loss and Keeping it Off Maintenance Tips

Approaching (or passing) 40 years seems to be the magic number for many women to undergo a massive weight loss, that milestone certainly triggers the attempt if not total success.  One of my best friends was able to accomplish this a couple years ago by getting the right medication for a medical condition and proper eating habits.  Replacing her entire wardrobe with smaller clothes was both good and expensive, but oh so fun!


In the last year (or so) several more friends have adopted healthy eating and reduced or eliminated processed junk food.  One friend received the nick-name nuggets because she actually thought eating Chicken McNuggets was the healthy option before meeting with a nutrition expert.  Another good friend needed the structure of exercise appointments and structured workouts for her big loss.  She is now half her size from 2 years ago!  These friends have joined various gyms and many different fitness programs, but most important, they have decided they want to change.  It is exciting to see the before and after photos!  I love the commitment and determination.

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